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Common Questions Asked About Ear surgery and Their answers

Ear correction surgery, when I first heard about it, I was a bit confused. Like why would people need to correct their ears? What can actually go wrong with ears that cosmetic surgery is required to treat it? So, I started my research on this procedure, and definitely, it was an enlightening experience.

In fact, availability of an option to give your ears a proper shape and size or to pin them back can be a blessing for many people. Have you ever noticed that how much impact ears have on your overall looks and features? If they are slightly out of proportion, your whole facial features will look disrupted.

In addition to having unproportioned shape and size of ears, some of you might have been born with birth defects in ears. Moreover, some of you have ears that are protruding outwards and give you a very unattractive look. Also, you might suffer from some injury that damages the shape of your ear.

Now, when we know the importance of ear correction surgery, let’s have a detailed look at what it is and how it’s done?

What Is Ear Correction Surgery?

Ear correction surgery is also known as otoplasty. This surgery is performed to correct the shape, size, and proportion of your ears. Moreover, it is performed to fix any defects caused at birth or due to some injury. It gives you a more balanced look.

Ear correction surgery is a very individualized choice. You can get your ears pinned if you feel embarrassed about them sticking out. It can increase your self-perception and self-confidence. But remember this should be your choice for your good.

And If you are thinking of getting an ear correction surgery done, you should know if you are a suitable candidate or not?

The Suitable Candidate For Ear Correction Surgery:

Ear correction surgery can be done on children and teenagers. Even adults can benefit from this cosmetic procedure. Some specific conditions which make children a right candidate for ear surgery are as follows;

  • They should be older than five years of age.
  • Children younger than five still have developing ears. So, you should wait till the ear cartilage is firm and fully developed.
  • They must be good health.
  • Lastly, they can communicate and follow what the doctor instructs.

For adults, they must be;

  • In good health
  • Non-smokers
  • Have a clear reason for the surgery such as birth defects, damage due to injury, pinning, or correcting macrotia. A condition which gives you oversized ears is known as macrotia.

If you are a candidate for ear correction surgery, you should be aware of how it’s done.


An ear correction surgery is quite a non-invasive procedure and is done within an hour or two. It involves the following steps;

  • When going through this procedure, you will feel no pain at all. This is because you’ll be given general or local anesthesia, as referred by your doctor.
  • After numbing the area to be treated, your surgeon will make incisions for shape and size correction at the back of the ear. For this, he will make a small cut to expose the cartilage. At times incisions are required to be made at the front of the ear, so it made into the folds so that they are minimally visible.
  • After making the incisions, your surgeon will cut off pieces from your cartilage to correct its shape and size. To correct the protruding ear, antithelial fold (the rim of the ear) is increased. Also, there takes place the reduction of conchal cartilage (deepest concavity of the external ear).
  • To pin your ears, stitches are applied slightly back at the head. Usually, dissolving stitches are used.


To secure your ear in the new place, you surgeon will apply bandages on your head. You’ll need to take care of the scar and keep it clean and dry. Adding more to this, avoid washing hair until the bandage is removed.

What’s more? You’ll feel some soreness and tenderness in the ears. And, your ears will stay stiff for the first few days. Your surgeon will prescribe painkillers to reduce any pain after the anesthesia wears off.

Moreover, your surgeon will prescribe you antibiotics to avoid infections. The bandage is removed within seven days of surgery.

You can resume your daily routine within two weeks. But you might have to wear a headband to protect your ears while sleeping.


You’ll observe the results of your ear correction surgery immediately. For more accurate results, you’ll have to wait till the bandage is removed, and your ears heal well. The best part is that the results will be permanent.

Are you concerned about any risks in this procedure? Read on.

Side Effects Of Ear Correction Surgery:

Ear correction is not a major surgery, but it can pose some risks if not given proper aftercare. A few things which you should be alert about are as follows;

  • A blood clot in the scar
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Inflammation of ear cartilage

Nonetheless, choosing the right surgeon can keep the side effects to minimal.

Cost Of Ear Correction Surgery In Pakistan:

Ear correction surgery in Pakistan can cost from Rs. 70000 to 90000. However, this cost highly depends upon the following factors;

  • Medication cost
  • Operation setting and instrument
  • Fees of the anesthesia and the surgeon

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