Very difficult to understand how to categorize this running cosmetic procedure
Into luxury or necessity.  Liposuction being mostly performed cosmetic procedure world wide  is making new invention in terms of modern machinery and equipment.  Their are many ways to cut belly fat or bum fat, a person can go on diet do regular exercise and burn their calories. Not every one can do extraneous exercises but each of us love to be in shape and want a slim trim body. Liposuction is the safe and easy way to cut or remove the unwanted fat from your body in hrs. Such fat can be cut down with months of exercise and dieting but I am  not against the exercise parts as it gives you a good cardio vascular activity. We can divide this procedure into luxury  part and as well as the necessity. Liposuction gives you a slim trim body and your desired shape loosen your waist line and building six packs. We should mentioned here that liposuction is not a procedure for weight reduction as many people think it is but for sure it remove your extra abdominal fat or fat from other areas of the body.


When the extra fat is removed it minimize the blood sugar level and even the peripheral resistance which help maintaining the blood pressure. We can call it a necessity but if some one can’t reduce via exercise he or she can adopt this procedure, so lipo is helping not cosmetically but therapeutically at some extent.  Selection of a right candidate is important not to select  morbid obese patients but those who have extra fat at their abdomen or other parts of the body.

Weather this procedure is luxury or necessity it is the most safest and quick way to burn fat.


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