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Face Lift Procedure

Face lift procedure is directly proportional to the age? The statement seems very convincing and at some extent is true.
Lets talk about Face lift and appropriate time and age for that.
First sighn of ageing appears at about thirty  years of age when a person start noticing first wrinkles or crows feet. Glabellar fold and the nasiolsbial fold becomes prominent at the age of forty.
People start worrying and taking help from a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon, adopting different ways like Botox or fillers to overcome their wrinkles. At this this age it is difficult for a patient as well as for a surgeon to decide for any surgical approach.  These non invasive procedure just buy the time for surgical face lift only.
Ageing is 80% environmental and 20% biological, that is mean that we can control this process to some extent by adopting healthy life style and prevent from sun damage.
I believe that appropriate time for surgical face lift when all other noninvasive procedure fail to respond or you have lost most of your collagen which leads to muscle weakness and the sagging.
That is right time that a surgeon  decide to approach for a face lift which is in the best interest of patient.
Patients for facial rejuvenation has lot of expectation in their mind, that is is the duty of a aesthetic surgeon to guide the patient properly for the out come of the result in their best interest.

Face Lift Procedure

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