LIPOSUCTION (Body Contouring) A Misnomer ? Weight Reduction

Pakistan is considered a third world country, But:  What a country? Boosting  the world ‘s best Doctors! Capable of performing in every circumstances and always eager to learn and adopt latest techniques in very little period of time.
Liposuction in Karachi Liposuction or Body Contouring in Pakistan is routinely done.  A well -qualified and trained Plastic Surgeons is able to achieve beyond par excellent results which are comparable to surgeries done  abroad. In this era of the latest technology Pakistani surgeon do not lag behind in skills, expertise or latest innovations.

People from European, Asia and other foreign countries are attracted to cosmetic procedures being done in Pakistan , mainly because us surgeons have the upper hand doing day in and day out a number of cases and associated high expertise due to this  bulk of patients , but the real charm also lies in economical rates offered as these procedures in Dollars, Euro or Pounds are getting very difficult to afford and easier recovery time allows patients to be able to return home in no time.  .

Hair Transplant in karachi
Most common and sought after procedures by patients in cosmetic surgery  are; Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants, Hair Transplant and  Rhinoplasty or Nose Job.

Liposuction in Karachi
Among these procedures “Liposuction” is routinely done and results not only in enhancing patient’s self esteem but also provides them with desirable results in form of getting rid of unwanted fat and giving shape to their body .Hence the misconception that there will be a drastic change in weight or weight reduction procedure is a misnomer but the exact terminology is body contouring.

It not only reduces fat in target areas but desirable results are achievable within an hour or less. Winnable decrease in waist line(teenage tummy), pushing your belly back and even making six packs(in males) also effective for trimming the jaw line and getting rid of double chin or hanging bull dog fat.

Chin jaw line karachi
Liposuction when performed at multiple areas at the same time especially the thighs, hips and belly of a women  some weight reduction is obvious, but still it would be unfair to label it as a procedure for weight reduction.

ear Correction in karachi
People all over the globe and likewise in Pakistan are getting aware of the need and demand of constantly looking desirable and beautiful in day to day life. Where on one hand it is everybody’ s right to glamorize themselves but beauty comes with a price if done at hands of an untrained person and  patient should be aware of expected results.

Hence questions like; Charges for 10kg reduction? or Can I have 15 inches reduction in my waist line? Will my weight remain same if I go on eating after my surgery? are everyday routine but establishing trust in choice of Plastic Surgeon is the guide to a successful and satisfied patient at the end.


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