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Does Fat Come Back after Liposuction?

You’re staring at your wardrobe wondering which outfit would be ideal to ­­camouflage the pot belly ­­of yours? If a pot belly or weight gain is something that you have struggled with, you may be well familiar with Liposuction and might even have apprehensions related to it. Through your long and tedious struggle with weight loss and exercise, the undeterred pocket of fat still persists. Maybe you’re worried that the fat you’ve lost during the surgery might come back. Today, we will answer this popular question from patients who plan on undergoing Liposuction which is “Does fat come back after Liposuction?”

This question is indeed a valid concern and might even be the right perspective to look at liposuction. To think of a surgery such as liposuction as a permanent, irrevocable method to stay in shape for the entirety of your life, sounds as bizarre as a magic potion granting immortality. The human body is bound to undergo changes as the time passes and it is irresponsible to convey that a one-time procedure would grant permanent, everlasting results. Nevertheless, this is not to underestimate the effectiveness of Liposuction to counter pockets of stubborn fat. When Liposuction is performed at the right patient, with the right expectations and the right mindset, the results last a whole lot longer, with persistent efforts to maintain the results maybe even longer than usual.


Now in order to understand the lifelong results of Liposuction surgery, you must first understand the factors which come into play that influence the longevity of results from the surgery and the nature of fat cells in our body.


Liposuction removes the fat cells but doesn’t halt the growth of the existing fat cells. The Adipose cells in our body act in a different manner than the rest of the cells. When we approach a certain age, there number of fat cells tend to remain more or less constant. Now you might be wondering, then how so does weight gain or loss occur? The increase in the adipose tissues is attributed to the increase in size of the fat cell (hypertrophy). This nature of fat cells can impact your overall desire to reduce weight in particular areas, such as lower belly, calves and arms. Fat in these areas is generally harder to get rid of, and when you undergo a vigorous diet and exercise regimen, it leads to an overall fat reduction which may affect your ideal body type considering some areas look aesthetically pleasing when plump and smooth such as the hips and breasts. On the flip side, a liposuction specifically targets just the areas which are worrisome for you and is effective to target the overall proportions of the body.


During a liposuction, Dr. Arif Hussain who is Pakistan’s Best Plastic Surgeon manually extracts these fat cells through a cannula which is attached to jars connected by tube. Through his expertise, experience and communication with the patient, Dr. Arif Hussain knows which areas are problematic for the patient and therefore sculpts the areas overall to create an even refined, aesthetically pleasing figure.


Every patient is unique and respond differently than the other. However, the short answer to this question is, liposuction results last for as much long as you are willing to maintain it. Typically, the liposuction yields result which last for a long time since the fat cells that are removed during the surgery cannot return- hence gone permanently. Now in order for the existing fat cells to stay and now grow you will have to start certain lifestyle modifications. These include exercise and a balanced diet. If you remain conscious of what your intake is and live an active lifestyle, Liposuction results may last you a long time. Dr. Arif Hussain feels such a procedure may act as a catalyst for many individuals who are looking for a head-start in their weight loss journey.


A common myth surrounding liposuction is that once an area is cleared off of fat cells, the fat cells may accumulate in some other part of the body. This is far from the truth, the reality is, the areas which were spared in a liposuction procedure, may appear bulkierafter the procedure considering the targeted area isnow fat free. Even if you gain a small amount of fat after liposuction, the fat will be distributed throughout the body instead of being centered in the treated area, therefore the treated area will still look more improved and slimmer than it was before.


If you are cautious of your weight, the results will further even out in time as the body recovers. The ideal weight after a liposuction is whatever you weigh post procedure. For example, any individual who weights 110 kgs before liposuction has lost around 10 kgs during the procedure, now has 100kgs of body weight. The patient must ideally maintain their weight at 100 kg as this is the ‘Post-lipo weight’.


If you want to know which steps you can take in order to have a sustainable result, these are some of the advices Dr. Arif Hussain gives to his patients post liposuction that will make results last a very long time.

  1. Follow post-operative instructions as provided by Dr. Arif Hussain.
  2. Eat a balanced diet, focusing on the calorie intake and burned instead of curtailing specific portions of the diet such as carbohydrates and proteins.
  3. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated
  4. Avoid skipping meals
  5. Live an active lifestyle

The general rule when it comes to any kind of surgery is, nothing can last eternally. As the age progressed and the body metabolism slows down, with time you may notice the natural effects of aging and changes in body composition. Perhaps years down the line you may require a touch up liposuction to balance out some areas, in which case you may consult with Dr. Arif Hussain again and discuss your options for a touch up liposuction surgery.

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