5 Types Of Facelift Surgeries Done By Dr. Arif Hussain

Science has made life a whole lot easier by inventing cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Out of all the procedures, face rejuvenation and facelifts have gained the most popularity. The reason for that is just by getting a mere facelift you can get back your youthful appearance. 

Are you also deciding to get your facelift surgery done? Keep remembering that a doctor with a difficult personality can never help you having the maximum results of your surgery. So, never rush yourself while choosing a surgeon. In this regard, you need to find a doctor who is positive, patient, and good-natured, and who will be dedicated to your health and safety. 

Adding more to this, you need to do a thorough search on his background, license to practice, medical school, and residency, etc. What’s more? You need to take your time and select the one that checks all the boxes. 

Reap Maximum Benefits Of Your Surgery With Dr. Arif Hussain:

Dr. Arif Hussain has gained a lot of experience in cosmetic surgeries. The feedback of his past recipients confirms this. His expertise, despite being the best, is not overpriced at all. His unrivaled experience allows him to be extremely professional with his clients. 

What’s even better? He is one of the most sought out doctors in many other states as well. His work depicts his skill which is second to none. You can also confirm his credibility and authenticity from several honest and positive reviews left by his previous clients. 

Variety Of Facelift Procedures Dr. Arif Perfroms:

Needless to say, the face is the most prominent part of the body so naturally, it becomes the center of attention. Due to its importance, there are a variety of procedures available that focus on the face and neck. For example:

  • Mini facelift
  • Mid facelift
  • Cheek lift
  • Jawline rejuvenation
  • MAK facelift


Types Of Facelifts And How They Are Different:

In addition to being a skillful doctor, Dr. Arif also makes sure to draw out exactly what you want. Prior to any procedure, he conducts a detailed consultation with the client. Now let’s shed a close look at the procedures:

Mini Facelift:

  • It focuses on eliminating the sagging of the jowls and cheeks which happen over the years. 
  • This technique makes use of making small incisions which will help to smoothen out the skin by removing excess tissue. 
  • This procedure has a quick recovery time and therefore less invasive as compared to a full facelift. 
  • The scarring is also hardly noticeable.
  • Recovery time can last anywhere around from 1 week to 10 days.

Mid Facelift:

  • This procedure targets the cheek area and lower eyelids. It aims to lift the cheeks and create more attractive cheek contours.
  • Candidates, who do not suffer sagging in the chin and neck area, can undergo this procedure. 
  • Recovery time is 1 to 2 weeks. 
  • In this procedure, the surgeon will add cheek implants, in fact, he will either remove excess tissue or reposition existing tissue. 

Cheek Lift:

  • This procedure also focuses on the cheeks and lower eyelids. It allows the cheeks to be uplifted and also smoothens the nasal folds between the nose and mouth.
  • It also focuses on the lower third of the face. 
  • Recovery time can last from anywhere 2-3 weeks. 

Jawline Rejuvenation:

  • This procedure specifically revitalizes the area between the jaw and upper neck. It sculpts the jaw by removing excess fat. 
  • The extra fat can, later on, be used by the surgeon to insert as a natural filler in the cheek. 
  • This technique enhances the cheek contours. 
  • The recovery period can last up to 1 week. 


MAK Facelift:

In traditional facelifts, the muscles and skin support system underneath the face are usually not targeted. The facelifts usually tighten the loose skin but fail to shed light on the issues lying underneath. 

  • The feature that makes the MAK facelift unique from other facelifts is that it also targets the SMAS layer underneath the skin. Therefore, these facelifts promise longevity.
  • It guarantees less scarring, less bruising, and quick recovery.

Generally, facelifts do not require general anesthesia to be administered. Dr. Arif usually uses oral sedatives for his anxious clients. 

The Takeaway:

You can easily get a lot of ideas about the doctor’s attitude towards his patients. The experiences of other patients make it easier for you to evaluate whether the surgeon is trained enough or not. You can also judge the percentage of healthy and complication-free recoveries. 

Every doctor is the best one from his perspective. However, feedback from a previous patient can go a long way and remove all sorts of doubt that you may have. 

What else? Getting refereed from a close relative or friend is highly useful. Nonetheless, if you don’t have that, you can easily search the internet to find useful feedback and recommendations. But it is wise not solely depend on the feedback alone. 

Some reviews might be biased or influenced, you never know. Therefore, we recommend looking at the testimonials given by the clients of Dr. Arif as they speak the truth themselves. 



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