Is Face Surgery Lifelong? What To Do To Keep The Results Enhanced?

Would you like to keep your youthful look even in your 40’s? For sure, you would, I mean who would not? Well, science and technology have made it possible for you and many others out there.Now, you can easily get rid of sagging skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet, jowls, and many other old age problems just by getting a facelift in Karachi, Pakistan.

About Facelift:

Rhytidectomy, which is commonly known as a facelift, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to give or maintain the facial area’s youthful appearance.The procedure takes about 2 to 5 hours and you can even go home on the same day! But the doctor will probably place a drain and bandages to remove excess fluids.

This specific aesthetic procedure has gained a lot of popularity in both men and women. No matter who goes for it, the goal remains the same that is to have a natural look.Nobody wants to have those plastic, synthetic results where you can’t even smile or frown properly. Dr. Arif Hussain carefully plans the procedures according to the unique appearances of each individual. So we assure you, you won’t end up looking “weird” under his supervision. Let’s delve into it here

Dr. Arif Hussain, renowned for his expertise in 5 types of facelift surgeries, employs a meticulous approach that includes a combination of surgical facelift techniques and precise fat grafting on the face. This specialized method ensures a balanced and natural outcome, in line with the individual’s unique facial features and desired results


Is It Lifelong?

Though it gives us many benefits, all this won’t last forever. If everything goes smoothly, it can last about 10 years. However, this period varies from patient to patient. It all depends on the following factors;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Surgical approach
  • Skin type.

But as you age, the skin on your face continues to sag, therefore the results, no matter how well they are, will always be temporary.

After 5 years, there is always a chance of face relapsing but thankfully it is not that much drastic as it sounds. You will still look better than you did before the surgery.

Tips For An Enhanced And Long-Lasting Facelift:

1.    Choose the right person for the job:

No matter which procedure you want, in the end, every process needs accuracy and precision to guarantee its success. And this depends upon the experience of the surgeon.

To get the best results out of any procedure, you will need to trust a reliable and credible surgeon for the job. That’s why we highly recommend Dr. Arif Hussain, as he is more than well-equipped in handling a number of procedures.

 2.    Hydration Is The Key Factor Here:

Make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle. You must also take a lot of fluids to help you recover faster. Water makes the skin look fresh and also helps in its elasticity which is essential for recovery. It will also help in flushing out toxins from your body and cleansing them.

 3.    Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Eating a well-balanced diet with lots of fresh vegetables and will allow you to keep your skin healthy and fresh.
  • Avoid too much sun exposure as UV rays can profoundly damage your skin. They are the main cause of many skin-related complications. Always use good skin-friendly sunscreen.
  • Relaxing and staying positive will speed up your recovery. It will also improve your sleeping quality giving you more time to heal. You will need eight or more hours of peaceful undisturbed sleep.
  • Daily exercising is also important to keep you fit and improve your blood circulation.

 4.    Keep With A Regular Skincare Routine:

Cleansing regularly will help you in keeping the pores clean. Skincare routines also help in reducing scarring over time. Always follow your doctor’s instructions. He will prescribe a number of post-surgery creams and ointments. So make sure to keep using them for better results.

5.    Non-Surgical Treatments:

They allow you to enhance your results and also contribute to prolonging them. Laser treatments, chemical peels, injectable dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, and many other are some of its examples.

6.    PRP Sessions:

It is a non-surgical treatment that only comes under the category of a facelift because it provides dramatic results. Platelet-rich plasma facial (PRP) is also commonly known as “vampire facelift”. But the title suits it well as this procedure uses blood to give a very youthful look.

Your blood’s plasma and platelets are injected into your facial skin. And once they get it, they start rejuvenating the whole area. This results in a tightened, wrinkle-free, and smooth look.

7.    Fat Transfer:

This procedure is sometimes added to a routine facelift technique especially when the facial fatty volume is required.

In this process, the surgeon will harvest fatty tissues from thighs or tummy and process and concentrate the fat. Then he will inject it into those facial areas which have suffered volume loss. A small amount of fat will resorb while 60-70% survives.

Just like facelifts they can minimize the current symptoms but do not protect the skin from future sagging.

8.    Small Touch-Ups

A mini-facelift includes all the benefits of a regular facelift but excludes all the side effects. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps in removing wrinkles without any scarring.

However, it cannot address the upper parts of the face on its own like crow’s feet, eye bags, or frown lines.


We agree that facelifts come with a shelf life, but if you will maintain and enhance any procedure it will surely give you long-lasting results. You can learn to manage and upkeep them properly by seeking guidance from your surgeon. Small tips and routines will always go a long way and your skin will thank you in the end.


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