At last people see your face. This is true, when a person addresses you he or she looks at your face and nobody can hide their sighs of aging not even behind tons of make up. Women are always concerned about their face in old times as well now a days.

Aesthetic surgery brought good news for those women who like to keep themselves  young and beautiful and thus every women has the right to do so.
Face lift is a most authentic surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation. Combining procedure with face lift will add more beauty.

08Which are the  procedure that  can be combined with face lift. As we do latest short scar face lift we can do a jaw line lipo for giving more curves. Also double chin can be corrected with that.  A surgeon can add a fat transfer over nasiolsbial areas if volume is required. PRP can be done at operated areas and even whole face,that can add up more collagen synthesis and gives a younger look.

Lower lid eye bags can be corrected along with the lift.  So if all these procedure combing, gives a drastic and aesthetic look.

00090 BAThese small procedures are safe and minimally invasive and can be add on to a short scar face lift and done under local anesthesia.

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