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Face Lifting Can Drag Your Age Back

It is said that just by reading a person face one can tell about that person personality but what if that face is all wrinkled up hiding everything behind it. That is what majority of aged women and men think when they see their face in mirror. In past medical science offer no solution for such people but with the introduction of plastic and cosmetic surgery now these people have hope in the form of face lift.

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 Face lift is a procedure in which either skin is repositioned or extra skin is removed to make skin more youthful. Before the procedure doctor performs history and physical examination of patient in which doctor examine facial bone structure beneath the skin. This examination is also done to evaluate the thickness, texture, extent of wrinkles, folds and elasticity of the skin. This examination is basically done to develop a plan that how the surgery will be performed. Normally during the surgery an incision is made in front of the ear and behind the ear. The incision can extend up to the scalp of patient which is followed by the process of undermining and lifting the deep layer of skin. At the end liposuction of neck and jowls may be performed whereas extra skin is either repositioned or removed.

Once the surgery is completed patient is taken into recovery area. Bandages are wrapped around the face. This procedure can be under local anaesthesia as well as in the general anaesthesia depending upon what level you want to achieve. If the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia  the patient is sent home immediately after the procedure and if it is performed under general anaesthesia than 4 to 5 hrs. admission is required in the hospital. The bandages are out after 2nd post operative day and patient is free to move and he / she can do his routine work. Plastic and cosmetic surgery has introduced lovely procedures just to drag your age back.

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