Chest Liposuction Case Along With Areola Reduction

Author have already written many times and discuss social embarrassment of a male having big breast or chest which sometimes becomes a psychological problem. Large male breast or gynecomastia also causes in many patients a protruding nipple areola because of a constant pressure of a stromal tissue behind areola leads to tissue expansion and that physiology leads to a bigger areola. Now it is a duty of a plastic surgeon to deliver his best and give a patient a more natural male chest.

The procedure should start with a thorough examination of a patient and ends with a good counselling. The treatment modalities should be discussed with the patients from only liposuction procedure or liposuction with stromal tissue excision or the latest which the author usually give his clients if needed.

Now the procedure is very unique simple and day care, you do not need to get admitted in the hospital. Before the procedure marking should be made to give a more precise approach. After doing liposuction to reduce the fat around the chest the author does the   areola reduction by placing a cookie cutter and mark the normal reduce size areola, than a circumferential incision of areola is made called Deepithelization of the areolar skin. After that the author  made a deep incision not more than 1.2 mm at 9.0 clock position to take out the hard stromal tissue and then close the defect in two layers, in that manner at the same time the bulguing of areola and reduction in the size of areola achieved. A compression dressing is applied and out at 3rd post operative day and the patient is advised to take his daily routine.

This procedure is a day care procedure and patient does not feel any kind of discomfort. My point is that the evaluation of a defect and a right approach gives you the best result which is in the best for both the surgeon and the client.

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