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Am I a right person for tucks & lift? This question arises in every person mind who wants to get their figure in shape or who wants to drag their age back. After long period of thinking and consulting some of their close friends who once in a life time came under the knife of an Aesthetic Surgeon they knock the door of a Plastic Surgeon.

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 In my practice of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, I catered lot of patients of Cosmetic Surgery and as well the once they need some reconstruction.

 What I found that patients coming for cosmetic surgery have higher expectations of the results as compare to patients with Reconstructive purpose that is because they think that when they came back from a Cosmetic surgeon they will turn totally different as they wanted?

 As for Reconstructive patients they totally depend upon the surgeon’s skill and work. What I believe and usually do in my practice that I listen to my patient carefully, for example when a patient says Doc! “can you lift my face without surgery”, so I ask them if  you do not want to come under my knife than there are some limitations or I believe that a non invasive procedure will help her out. Choosing and guiding a good patient for Tucks & Lifts is entirely a duty of a good Cosmetic Surgeon and looking for a right Plastic Surgeon is also necessary.

For lifts like face lift it is good that a patient should listen to surgeon what is best, good face lift is that you look younger in others company rather than some one catch you twenty yard away and say Hey! “He has done some thing to his face”, and that defines how a face lift should be.

 As for tucks if the patient is coming for like tummy tuck, one should have at least one week time in their pocket as it is a more invasive procedure and sometimes Muscle Plication is needed but a safe procedure, so the patient should listen to the Surgeon advices and the sequel and follow them.

My point is if you need tucks and lifts go for a right Surgeon and trust him.

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