What Is Nose Job Or Rhinoplasty?

Nose job, nose surgery or rhinoplasty, these are the alternative term used for procedure done to shape the nose done by majority of people to improve their nose proportion and appearance. People chose this procedure to increase the balance between their overall features of face eventually which results into the improvement of self confidence. Nose job is not just done to improve the shape of nose but it is also a solution for people who have nasal breathing problems caused by structural defects in the nose.

 Nose job procedure is for people who have a dis satisfactory nose shape due to their genetic make up or any other injury. Nose job procedure can be adopted to change the size of nose according to other facial structure of patient, width of nose at its bridge, change noticeable humps and bumps on bridge of nose, change a nose that is too much unturned, large, rounded or drooping, This procedure is also used to change large nostrils, asymmetry and nasal deviation.

 Nose job procedure is something which a person should do for his or her own happiness not for someone else happiness because it is patient who is going to live with this nose for whole of his or her life not someone else. If someone want to have this procedure done then the person facial growth should be complete and should be 16 years old or above. Should be healthy, should not smoke and should have realistic goals in mind for improvement of their appearance.


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