This is the common question which comes in the mind of a woman, who wants her age back.
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is doing a lot to make people elegant and beautiful by latest innovations.

Example if someone needs to enhance her or his face beauty or want to look young, they take the Advantage of never the less but from Aesthetic Surgeon.  Different modes of treatments are available starting from surgical Face lift till Peels, Filler and Botox. Every procedure has its exact time and period  and the limitations of benefits. Couple of years ago a new thing which has made its place in the Cosmetic industry is the Threads Lift for lifting the Face.

As it says thread that means we are lifting the face with the threads, sound very emboridical but has good results in just a matter of time. Thread lifts are the aseptic thread both comes in absorbable and non absorbable forms having cones in them and also some times with barbed sutures. They have needles attaches at the both ends which pass from one end of skin and subcutaneous tissue and pass through other end. When we pull them they give the traction and the tightness to the affected areas.

Threads lifts are most commonly use at the jaw line areas and  for brow lift. The beauty of that procedure is, it is done under local anesthesia , no suturing is involved an no scaring. It’s an office procedure and one can leave in 30 minuets. Swelling can be visible for two days and person can join her work in 3 days.

This is very important to understand that what the outcome of such an easy procedure is.
Threads lifts are not the replacement of Surgical Face lift but better than other non surgical procedure which cost you a lot and gives nothing. I suggest if someone who is interest in her jaw line or brow to be lifted or even the mid face, should adopt this procedure rather than going for Botox or fillers or other procedures. That procedure can easily buy some time for a surgical face lift and can be done without scarring and trauma.


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