Gynecomastia is a condition which is not so popular among young males.
It is a social taboo or a condition that leads towards personality disorder as well as body disfigurement.

Males at their early twenties and mid twenties are much bother abt it as they usually  first notice this condition when they reach sixteen.

physiological gynecomastia is mostly the problem in you g males. Which occurs when adlosance comes.

We do a latest technique for the remedy of this condition which is 24hr recovery procedure.
Patient come and go in 4hr.
He can even drive back home if live near by. We take out the fat and the glandular  tissue with the same small incision, no more hospital stays no more big incisions and no more drains pipe.

Procedure can be done under sedation and can be done by freezing  the area. After the procedure a compression garment  is applied for weeks time. That can be worn under clothing and can’t be visualize, One can go easily to work without knowing to others.
Down time is very important in any procedure and after the procedure you can resume your daily routine the next day. Heavy exercise are allowed after 3 weeks.

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