Gynecomastia is a problem, in which men are affected with large breast or puffy nipple and areola.

By true gynecomastia it means that patient has hard stromal tissue or a glandular tissue beneath his areola or sometimes evolving whole chest. Patients are very conscious and sometimes become very abnormal if suffering with such condition.
Treatment of gynecomastia with excision and liposuction gives back patient his self esteem and confidence. In true gynecomastia I do latest procedure and a day care one.

Procedure for gynecomastia is very simple and one can leave the hospital in 2 to 3hr. Evaluation and examination of the patient is important to check the level of disease, and how to approach during the procedure. If we do only liposuction in true gynecomastia ,than results are not that promising, because we can’t take out the hard tissue via liposuction and the puffiness of the nipple areola remains there, which is very bothering for patients.  In my practice I do liposuction along with excision of the hard tissue. With liposuction i take out the fat which gives a firm shape to the whole chest, rest  I make small incision at the areola and take the glandular tissue, in that way we achieve a flat chest with non protruding nipple areola complex. Importance of liposuction in true gynecomastia  also help to suck out the fat at the axillary tail or the fat at the lateral side of chest, which is becomes difficult via excision.

Liposuction in true gynecomastia also helps in taking out the fat in the breast which has heavy amount of fat and as well as hard tissue, first we take out the fat and it becomes easier to out the glandular tissue.

Recovery is very fast and natural. Patient will not feel any pain but a slight discomfort for some hrs. Patient can go home in 2 to 4hrs after the procedure.
Results are immediate and one can see his chest flat the very next day, but final results come in 6 weeks of time. Some pain killers are added and anti-inflammatory drugs are added.

If combinations of procedure are added it will give benefit to the patients in terms of results and save surgeon time as well.


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