Gynecomastia is a Greek word. GYNE means female and MASTIA means Breast.
It is a condition occur in males resulting in large or feminine Breast. Approximate 75% of all Gynecomastia are physiological.

Gynecomastia is a social taboo and patients suffering from it usually have low self esteem.
Surgeons are doing great job and several surgical procedure are now available to correct this problem, like procedure under General Anesthesia or IV sedation.
We do latest and a day care procedure under straight local. Giving a new surgical twist we are now providing state of art technique.



A three to four our recovery procedure and you can even drive back home if live near by.  Procedure conducted under straight local no sedation. Cocktail of Marcaine with epinephrine is injected at the incision site and beneath the nipple areola complex. After a wait of 7 mints another cocktail is injected containing lidocaine with epinephrine. Both of the solution has the anesthetic agent. The solution is injected thoroughly called tumescent technique. 

I usually wait for at least 25 mints so the drug should penetrate the desired area perfectly.  Freezing the Breast is the main twist in this procedure. After the wait we start with the SAFELipo and suck all the fat around the chest followed by the excision of the glandular tissue. This whole procedure is done not more than with 3mm till 8mm incision. Finishing with the lipo and excision patient is ask to get up and see the result. The operated area is dressed with compression and patient can leave home in hrs time. Cosmetic surgeries are doing wonders for aesthetic procedures and every one should avail them according to their needs and demand.


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