Introducing Lipo 360 with the Tummy Tuck in Pakistan

Every woman dreams of having an attractive body similarly, every man desires a six-pack. But what if you are facing issues in achieving your weight goals? What if exercise and diet are not helping?

In the modern age, getting a physique of your dreams is a matter of a few hours. Wondering how? Well cosmetic surgery is the answer.

Many people are opting for cosmetic procedures to gain a perfect body. Want to know what options do you have?

Everyone has heard of liposuction, but have you ever heard of lipo360? No? Well, let us introduce you to a more advanced version of traditional liposuction.

It covers more area and gives you the figure of your dreams. It is the best option if you want an evenly toned body. Let’s delve into it below.

What Is Lipo 360 With Tummy Tuck?

To give you a better understanding, we’re going to breakdown these two procedures first.

Lipo 360, also known as 360-degree liposuction, is slightly different from traditional liposuction. Simple liposuction will remove fat from one or more areas as chosen by the client. While lipo 360 involves the removal of fat equally at a 360 angle of the body. In this way,you’ll get more uniformed body.

The parts included in lipo 360 are mainly the entire core. They are;

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Lower and upper back.

You can include thighs and arms by discussing it with your surgeon too.

Well, now that excess fat is removed what about the sagging skin that is left behind. Let’s talk about lipo360 with tummy tuck.

Yes, this amazing combination cosmetic surgery is the ultimate gateway to the body of your desires. Before we go into a deep discussion of lipo360 with tummy tuck let me introduce to you wat a traditional tummy tuck is.

As far as the tummy tuck is concerned, this procedure is also known as abdominoplasty. It is a surgery that tucks your protruding belly back in. It helps in creating a finer abdominal profile by removing excess fat and skin. Over and above that, it restores weak and separated muscles.

Get More Toned Body With Lipo360 with Tummy Tuck:

Lipo360 with tummy tuck is done to give you a more even and toned body.

Well isn’t it impressive that you get all big or small areas clear of fat with just one procedure? Wondering how lipo 360 with tummy tuck does work? What can you expect after a lipo 360 with tummy tuck surgery? Read on.


Firstly, book an appointment with your surgeon to explain all your needs and concerns.

Once the surgery is scheduled, you’ll be given general anesthesia. Target areas will be marked and incisions will be made.

Further, a liquid is inserted in the incisions to dilute the fat. A vacuum will be used to suck the fat out of specified ideas.

In fact, Lipo360 can be customized according to your needs to give you a more contoured and curvier figure.

Moving ahead for the tummy tuck a horizontal incision is made between the belly button and pubic hairline.

Then, the excess skin is lifted like a window shade and is cut down. Then, a new opening for the belly button is made.  The belly button is popped and stitched in the right position.

It is indeed an extensive procedure. It will take some care and caution for recovery. But the results are worth all this hustle.


Results and Recovery:

Lipo360 with tummy tuck provides a dramatic and more natural look. Results of lipo360 with tummy tuck are permanent if an ideal weight is maintained

The downtime for lipo360 with a tummy tuck is less than any other procedure. Yes, you heard me right, you can get back to normal routine in a matter of days. Also, this time you won’t be carrying the weight of your stubborn fat neither on your body nor on your mind.

Good results call for the downtime of a minimum two weeks.

During this, you’ll be given a compression garment to reduce swelling. Moreover, tiny drain tubes might be inserted to prevent fluid accumulating. They must be emptied regularly.

Lipo360 with Tummy Tuck Vs. Regular Liposuction:

Although the method is the same, but here are some distinctive features of lipo360 with tummy tuck:

  • Liposuction is done on one area at a time while lipo 360 covers the entire mid-section.
  • The excess skin is tightened and you get a well-toned flat belly.
  • You get more results in less time
  • You do not have to come back for more sittings
  • It gives you a balanced and proportional figure from every angle.

Well, the procedure is appealing enough but are you a suitable candidate?

Who’s The Best Candidate for Lipo360 with Tummy Tuck?

The procedure is highly trending among the mommies. Women are using it to get rid of their post-pregnancy weight gain. We can also term this as a mommy makeover. Other suitable candidates are;

  • People desiring a perfect toned body.
  • Non-smokers
  • People maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Choose The Best Doctor:

This is very important because a doctor that is not qualified enough will do the procedure with local anesthesia at his office. This will make the procedure very painful. In order to avoid such a situation, consult a well-qualified plastic surgeon who can work with general anesthesia.

On top of that, it is important that your surgeon considers your age, genetics, and body type and health history before scheduling any procedure.

About Us:

Are you looking for getting your lipo360 with tummy tuck done correctly? Let Dr. Arif Hussain do this who goes the extra mile to fully satisfy every single patient of him.

With having years of experience in cosmetic surgery and after performing hundreds of successful tummy tucks, he will not disappoint you.

To your delight, he makes use of cutting-edge technology as well as up-to-the-minute surgery tools, in particular, the power X machine. This is how he gets in the bag maximum client satisfaction.


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