Liposuction In Pakistan: Procedure, Types, Cost, And Side Effects.

Most of us are familiar with our body’s area with stubborn fat, and no matter what diet or exercise routine you follow, this stubborn fat won’t go away. Unlike the visceral fat attached to internal organs like the pancreas and liver, this fat lies under the skin that can be pinched and felt.
This can be frustrating, especially when you are following a healthy diet and doing exercise regularly, but still stubborn fat does not seem like leaving anytime soon.


In order to get rid of extra fat from the body, liposuction, also known as lipectomy, lipoplasty, or lipo, is used. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure that breaks down and sucks fat from the body.
Getting rid of excess fat is done not only for vanity purposes but also for preventing diseases and health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc.


This procedure is often applied on the chin, neck, and upper and back of arms, abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks, and calves. A cannula is used to remove fat. A cannula is a hollow instrument inserted under the skin and high pressure; a powerful vacuum is applied to the cannula.
This procedure sucks out extra body fat. Liposuction is not an obesity treatment, it is not a weight loss process. It is a cosmetic procedure performed on people with stable body weight, but they want to tone their bodies by removing undesirable fats from specific body parts.

Liposuction As Treatment:

Normally liposuction is performed for cosmetic purposes, but it is also used to treat certain diseases. These conditions include:
• Lipomas: Lipomas are benign fatty tumors.
• Gynecomastia: Fats accumulates under a man’s breasts.
• Lymphedema: It is a chronic condition in which excessive lymph fluid accumulates in tissues resulting in swelling and edema. This occurs commonly in arms and legs. To reduce pain, discomfort, and swelling, liposuction is used.
• Lipodystrophy syndrome: In this condition, fat distribution is disturbed; fat is lost in one part of the body and accumulates in another. Liposuction provides natural-looking fat distribution and is used to improve the appearance of the patient.
• Extreme weight loss after obesity: A person who has lost 40% of their BMI after morbid obesity but is left with excess skin.

Types Of Liposuction:

Several types of liposuction procedures are acknowledged worldwide. Today we will discuss and learn about those liposuction options that are available in Pakistan. This will help you understand and choose the best and most suitable option for you.

1. Suction Assisted Lipectomy: Suction-assisted liposuction is the most commonly used and standard procedure. In this procedure, a cannula is injected in the body under the desired body area’s skin, and vacuum suction is applied. This helps in breaking down fat cells, and these are later removed through the tube.

2. Tumescent Liposuction: This is the most popular type of liposuction. In this procedure a large amount of saline solution is pumped under the skin along with a vessel constrictor and local anesthetic. Small suction tubes are attached that will suck out fat from the body.

3. Dry Liposuction: In this method, fluid is not injected in the body before fat removal. This procedure is not used very often as it has a risk of bleeding and bruising.

4. Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL): In this procedure, the cannula is energized by ultrasound. This helps in melting fat faster as vibrations from ultrasound helps to break the walls of fat cells. This liquefied fat is more comfortable with sucking out of the body.

This procedure is best suitable for back and male breasts. After this procedure, suction-assisted liposuction is used to remove emulsified fat.

5. Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAS): Power-assisted liposuction uses a specialized cannula that has a mechanized system that helps it in moving rapidly, and the vibrations help in breaking down fat. This procedure allows the surgeon to remove fat easily. It is used for patients that have large volumes of body fat.

6. Laser-Assisted Lipolysis (LAL): The laser guides this liposuction process. It requires tumescent fluid. This procedure is the least invasive of all fat removing procedures. In this method, through a small incision, a tube is inserted in the body that delivers laser energy to eliminate fat cells under the skin.

7. High Definition HD Liposuction (HDL): This is also known as abdominal etching procedure as it gives the appearance of six-packs to the body. This is a surgically invasive procedure and includes fat grafting and selective liposuction to achieve desired results.

Cost Of Liposuction In Pakistan:

The cost of liposuction in Karachi depends on the body’s area and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. The average cost of liposuction ranges between Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 150,000. The price range depends on multiple factors that include removing fat from one or more than one area, type of procedure, etc.
To get more detailed information about cost and specific procedures that will cater to your body fat, please take an appointment with our re-known liposuction consultant and surgeon.

Side Effects And Risks:

Just like any other surgery, there are certain factors associated with liposuction. Some of the possible side effects and risks include:
• Contour Irregularities: Uneven fat removal might lead to wavy or bumpy skin with unusual healing and poor skin elasticity.

• Fluid Accumulation: There can be temporary fluid pockets formed under the skin. These pockets of fluids need to be drained with a needle.

• Infection: Even though skin infections due to liposuction are rare, there is a possibility of skin infection that could be life-threatening.

• Nerve Irritation: Temporary nerve irritation can occur. After surgery, the affected area can undergo temporary or permanent numbness.

• Internal Puncture: Very rarely, a cannula can cause an internal puncture that needs immediate surgery to repair.

• Fat Embolism: A fat embolism can form. Fat embolism is a piece of loosened fat that might break away and enter the bloodstream; it can gather in the lungs or travel to the brain, causing a serious medical emergency.
• Kidney, Lung, and Heart Problems: As external fluids are added in the body, this might change the fluid levels of the body, and if those fluids are not suctioned out properly, this might lead to life-threatening kidney, heart, and lung problems.

• Lidocaine toxicity: Lidocaine is an anesthetic administered in the body and fluids to manage the pain. Even though it is safe, but very rarely, Lidocaine toxicity can occur that cause serious central nervous system and heart issues.
Some of these changes are permanent, and some are temporary. The chance of risk and complication increases if your surgeon is doing multiple procedures simultaneously or is dealing with a large surface area. Choose your surgeon wisely as this can either shape you or break you.

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