What Can Rhinoplasty Do For You?

The society we all belong to has some set of standards of beauty. Indeed the household I was born and brought up in was highly sensitive about THE NOSE. Neither it should be too small nor too large. If it is flat, you are taunted, and if it’s too pointy, you are shamed.

Without a doubt, our nose does contribute much towards our facial features. So we can say this is the reason today rhinoplasty or nose operation in Karachi Pakistan is in high demand. Moreover, its medical implications also play a part in its popularity.

Before we go into explaining what revolutions a rhinoplasty or nose reshaping can bring in your life? Let us briefly introduce what it is, and how is it done?

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Surgically correcting the shape or size of your nose is known as rhinoplasty. If we talk about the structure of your nose, the upper part is bone, and the lower part is cartilage.

So in nose surgery, your surgeon will consider all three; bone cartilage and skin, to revise the appearance of your nose. This is done with great care, keeping in view the rest of your facial features.

Why Is Rhinoplasty Needed?

Getting a rhinoplasty done to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your nose is just one part of the story. Rhinoplasty is done to cater to many other problems. Some severe injury or trauma might leave your nose misshapen. This can be highly uncomfortable, and you will need nose surgery for its correction.

Furthermore, many children are born with nasal deformities. Due to this, they might have difficulty in breathing. Here rhinoplasty comes of use.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

The rhinoplasty procedure does not have defined steps because of itis different for every individual. So we can say the very first step of rhinoplasty is to have a sitting with your surgeon.

Step1: Pre-Operative Appointment

In this appointment, you can discuss all your requirements with your surgeon. He will then take some photographs to mark the changes and which areas to target. Moreover, he will guide you about the procedure and what results to expect.

Step2: Anesthesia

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. Specialist anesthesia will administer it.

Step3: Incisions

Rhinoplasty can be performed in two ways. Either from the inside of your nose. For this, an internal incision is made. Or from the outside for which an incision is made around the nostrils

Step4: Correction

Your surgeon will then cut and reposition the bone and the cartilage according to your needs. Skin will be adjusted and stitched to cover the newly shaped nose.

Step5: Postoperative Care

Bandages and plaster will be placed around your nose. This will be removed after three weeks. If you want to resume work with your nose swollen to cover half of your face, you can, after seven to ten days. But it is recommended that you wait until the plaster is removed.

Moreover, you have to protect it from direct sunlight and wind.

Benefits Of Rhinoplasty Or Nose Job In Pakistan:

The question here is, what specifically rhinoplasty does for you? Can you just go and get it if your aunt says what kind of a nose you have? Or you need to be more specific about what you want? Let’s have a look at some problems rhinoplasty can actually resolve;

• Changes The Size Of Your Nose:

If you want to increase or decrease the size of your nose, rhinoplasty is for you. To increase the size, your surgeon will add on to the cartilage part by taking some from your ear if it’s a minor correction.

In case of major corrections like rebuilding your nose after some accidental loss or birth defect, the cartilage can be extracted from ribs. Whereas, if the size is to be reduced, your surgeon will simply cut off the excess skin and cartilage part.

• Reshapes The Nostrils:

For this, an external incision will be made around the nostrils. Extra cartilage at the nostrils will be cut, and the skin will be pinched and stitched.

• Reduces The Tip Of Your Nose:

Have a wicked pointy nose? With rhinoplasty, we can give it a more pleasant look.

• Reduces The Size Of The Nasal Bridge:

The large size of the nasal bridge can sometimes cause difficulty in breathing. With nose surgery, you can get rid of this uncomfortable condition.

• Creates A Balance And Harmonize All Facial Features:

The most important reason for getting a rhinoplasty can be to create harmony amongst all facial features. If you have sharp features, a round nose creates an imbalance. The same is the case. If you have rounded features and a pointy nose, it will overpower the rest of the face.

• Increases Overall Facial Aesthetic:

Your face is an essential part of your beauty. If any of your facial features is compromised, it will impact your personality, self-perception, and self-confidence. Rhinoplasty serves its purpose in creating a proportion of your facial features.

• Corrects A Deviated Septum:

The septum is the soft bone or cartilage that divides both nostrils. Some of you might have observed that some people have a nostril larger than the other. This condition is caused when the septum has slightly deviated. Rhinoplasty can correct a deviated septum.

• Corrects Breathing Problems:

Some of you might experience breathlessness or other breathing difficulties because of deformities in your nose. These defects either are birth defects or caused after some injury. Rhinoplasty helps treat those defects.


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