Many questions arise in person’s mind when he or she takes their first step towards a Cosmetic surgeon; as cosmetic surgery is considered as more of a luxury rather than a necessity. One of the most commonly performed procedure in the field of Cosmetic and Plastic surgery is liposuction. It is the most commonly performed procedure in the field of Aesthetic surgery but leave many questions for the patients that when why and how to do it.

 When one should go for liposuction?

Liposuction means suction of a fat from the body if there is excesses amount of fat accumulation especially in the areas like belly, flanks, love handles, chest, arms thighs, buttocks and chin and jaw line areas. One thing is for sure that this procedure has nothing to do with any weight reduction as the fat it does not have any weight. Many people think that liposuction will reduce their weight if they will go for that procedure but that is not true because the weight is also due to the bones, muscle , organ and the omentum which is the fat which is covering internal organs and we can’t suck that fat via liposuction.

So one should have a clear idea that liposuction is not for morbid obese patients it is truly a procedure for body sculpturing and targeting the target areas. Good candidate for liposuction are those who are already on some daily routine exercise and can maintain them self after the procedure.

Other patients who work out daily and can’t get rid of the fat especially around lower belly, waist line and the thighs are good for liposuction.

 Why one should go for liposuction?

That is a very interesting question why, but the answer is simple and straight you have to look presentable and beautiful. There was a survey in UAE top magazine that more and more people are now getting themselves trim and slim via liposuction and also getting shots of Botox and fillers just to look younger and presentable. This is because the employer not only sees how much you know but also how you look.

Men are more anxious about their waist line that can be easily reduced by liposuction procedure and they can easily find a nice and a good trouser for themselves. Cosmetic surgery is playing a role for fashion industry as well.  Apart from aesthetic advantage of liposuction one can have therapeutic one like it can control diabetes as well and the blood pressure can come in normal range as it decreases the peripheral resistance.  So this is another plus point that why one should go for liposuction.

How one should go for a liposuction?

 This is the last and the important aspect of our discussion that how one should go or choose a liposuction surgeon and what kind of liposuction procedure he or she needs.

The surgeon who is performing should be a consultant and a Plastic Surgeon. He must have done or have lot of experience in Aesthetic surgery; should be a member of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery association.

This is important because selecting a right candidate for liposuction is very necessary. There are many types of liposuction technique available from Conventional till laser but not all candidates’ fits in every type. It is a duty of Plastic Surgeon to evaluate and decide which is best for whom, why and when.

Choosing a right Surgeon and selecting a right candidate is the key of success for both the patient and the surgeon.


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