Self Esteem, lack of confidence and complex can become a termite for your whole life if someone is suffering from it. Many people have lack of self esteem when they talk or address to someone if they are not enough confident. Some times that lack of confidence arises if you have some disfigurement in your body as well like a condition called Gynecomastia or large male breast.

Gynecomastia or large male breast is a social taboo which has given men an inferiority complex and lack of confidence in their daily life and even in front of their life partner.

Liposuction has done wonders for that social taboo and changed people life. We are catering large number of patients throughout the world as people are now aware of that procedure which is a daycare one with less invasive act.

Initially we use to do that procedure with big incisions and drains, rest was also advised. Now it has become less invasive and aesthetic.  In our early cases we used to do a liposuction procedure with a tiny hole and suck the fat out from the chest area and below the nipple areola.  But the stromal hard tissue remains there. Nowadays a small incision is made at 9.0 clock and 3.0 clock position to respective areola to take out the stromal tissue with no scaring. In that way we can give a person a normal chest and from stromal tissue excision the puffiness of the areola is corrected.

What we are doing is combining three procedures together after selecting a patient who needs it.

  1. Liposuction of chest area.
  2. Excision of stromal tissue.
  3. Areola Reduction

Areola reduction is the procedure which i am doing in most of the patients. Due to constant pressure of fat and the stromal tissue the size of nipple areola also stretched out. that can be corrected very easily and along with liposuction. The procedure is a day care one should not have to admitted in the hospital and can resume his routine work the very second day.

Aesthetic procedure can play there part to bring back your lost identity and self esteem.


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