Rhinoplasty  is the meaning, correction or carving the most important feature on the face, the nose.

Nose shaping in Karachi
Rhino means nose and plasty means molding. Nose is the most important part of the face which bothers you a lot if not right. If there is a broadness of nose saddle type nose or even if the tip is not at the right place. Rhinoplasty for the cleft lip nose is for those, who born with a cleft or a cleavage at the lips.
The defect is very unpleasant and you have a totally collapse nose which has no detailing and frame work.  Plastic surgery plays its role and lift the frame work and correct all the defect and bring it back to its normal position.

Cleft lip nose has many defects from moderate to severe. In a lay men term, one side of the nose is collapse where the cleft is and the other side is normal. So one side of the nose is giving full projection and giving patients problem from frontal view and lateral view. There is no definition of tip and the dome and the lateral cartilage is collapse. The collamella is sometimes distorted and not in the normal position. The nose is depressed in case having cleft of the lip bilaterally.

Nose shaping in Karachi
For such patients we do open rhinoplasty for cleft lip nose. It is a day care procedure and done under general anesthesia. We lift the nose from the front and make a binocular vision correct the entire defect and drape back the nose. Stitches are applied. There will be no scaring and no one can see the scar.
Dressing is applied for two days to reduce the swelling and patient can remove itself.The healing time is one week but patient can resume his/ her work during that period.

Nose shaping in Karachi
Two three follow up are required with the interval of one month. Final result of open rhinoplasty comes in 9months. If revision surgery is required we can attempt after that.

Plastic surgery can save some one life, by correcting that unpleasant defect and make them the in charge of their surroundings.

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