TRUE GYNECOMASTIA !!! Under Freezing only.

Gynecomastia is a social taboo world wide effecting men. Cause are different like physiological, pathological, drug induce and obesity. True gynecomastia is usually physiological and occurs at puberty. Itreverts back but sometimes stays their and becomes an embarrassing situation for a men. 

By true Gynecomastia we mean it has a hard glandular tissue beneath nipples areola complex which nevergoes via any exercise or diet. Due to the constant pressure of the glandular tissue the size of the areola is stretched out and looks ugly, it becomes quit apparent when a person wear shirt or any tightgarments. Gynecomastia condition can leads to low self esteem of a person who is suffering from it. 

I do very latest and fast recovery procedure under freezing only. By freezing I mean we freeze the area with the drugs and while patient is awake we perform the procedure. Patient can see his result and leave clinic after that. He can even drive his car back home if live near by. He can resume his daily routine the same day and any gym or exercise better after weeks time. Minimal follow up required. By this latest minimal procedure a person can have a masculine chest in just 3hrs.


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