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Hair Transplant – Types And New Developments

Seeing a bunch of hair coming off in our combs can be horrifying. But for some, it can be even worse. Hair fall is not limited to some extra hair falling out and you rushing to buy an anti-hair fall shampoo as a cure. It is definitely a more serious issue. When your shampoos and […]


Hair Transplant: Procedure, Costs And Latest Advancements

There was a time when hair transplant was something considered only for the elite class and thus seen on the television only. With time, however, the hair transplant procedure has become more commonplace and is now available to the middle class. Now, the treatment has made its own place in our society just like the […]


Hair Loss, Its Symptoms, Reasons And How To Control

Have you recently been seeing a lot of hair around you? On your clothes, sofa, pillow, and even in your food? Combing hair freaks you out because a bunch of hair will just come off ? Hair fall is a very common problem among both males and females. Yes, you heard it right. Usually, when […]


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