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Brazilian butt lift is common and a demanding procedure in the west. In many culture big bums are consider beautiful. Their is a simple way to do that and patient can have two body part in shape.

Harvesting the fat from the belly and transfer it to the buttock area. In this way a patient can get rid of her belly fat and her waist in shape and at the same time can have a beautiful buttocks.
Steps are simple after injecting tumescent

In the belly or where ever that fat can be harvested. Start with some free tunnelling, than suction of the fat with low pressure so we can not disturb the fat structure which is important for survival of the fat.

















If we are targeting the buttocks than around 1200cc of fat Is required until proven other wise. The fat is collected in a sterile medla fluid management system, harvested fat is than collected in 60cc syringes. Now injecting the fat is very important and care should be taken to inject in layers, which minimize the chance of fat necrosis. The tulip system cannulas are use to inject the fat. After all is done a patient can have projected and firm buttocks instantly.

















Post operatives patient is advice to sleep on her belly for weeks time till the healing occurs and it saves the shifting of the fat.
Patient can leave home the same day and resume her daily routine at home.

Brazilian lift is quite a demanding procedure and you can have a trim belly and augmented butt at the same time.

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