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What Happens To My Belly Button After A Tummy Tuck?

We all want to be in shape, get flattened and toned midsection, and have those to-die-for abdominal contours. Don’t we?

So, in order to achieve this goal of becoming fab from flab, we try to put all our efforts. Such as curbing those midnight cravings and sometimes even starving ourselves. In addition to this, hitting that gym harder doesn’t even intimidate us and we try to sweat to the max. Right?

Although doing all these steps is helpful in shedding pounds as well as toning your abdomen, it requires considerable time.Such as a few months or sometimes even a year.But what if you want to get the results as soon as possible?

This is where seeking out a cosmetic procedure comes handy. Believe it or not, a cosmetic surgery acts as a magical wand to get you quicker and most-wanted results. With this regard, a Tummy Tuck can be your cup of tea.

Wondering Why Seeking After a Tummy Tuck?


Well, why not? Who wouldn’t want to have that sexy, dreamy midsection?

A tummy tuck also named as abdominoplasty is capable of removing excess, loose skin and fat, as well as tightening weak fascia. On top of that, this surgical procedure is also capable of removing stretch marks and lower abdomen’s excess skin under the bellybutton. Too good to be true!

But, bear in mind that a tummy tuck is not going to fix stretch marks outside of this region. Let’s delve into this procedure below:

Yes, You Can Feel “Normal” Once Again:


Many women tempt towards undergoing a tummy tuck procedure to get a flat stomach and, thereby get back into shape and that too quickly.

In fact, some patients have experienced a significant loss of weight and have got loose skin while others have borne a child and that’s why they’ve got those bulgy bellies. And the sad thing is that they had never got back into shape.

Regardless of the reason, women can appear and feel “normal” once again by having tummy tucks.

Wondering how does this happen? Let’s discover more about the tummy tuck here.

How is a Tummy Tuck Performed?

To begin this procedure, your surgeon will give you general anesthesia.

In this procedure, along your lower belly’s underside, the surgeon makesa long, horizontal incision. However, the scar is hardly noticeable publicly. Over and above that, it doesn’t ask to pay great bucks for having a smooth midsection. Tempting, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, one needs to take into account their stomach’s key feature which possibly comes under the influence of tummy tuck i.e., the belly button.Scroll down to explore more about it.

What Impact Does Tummy Tuck Put on the Belly Button?


As a matter of fact, a tummy tuck can change the way of the appearance of belly button, which can surprise some patients very much.

While performinga tummy tuck, the surgeonmakes a small incision around the belly button for releasing it from thenearby skin. By doing so, he/she becomes capable of pulling and tightening the skin in an easier way, making sure the completely flat and tightened stomach.

After doing this, the moving and repositioning of the belly button take place on the stomach for its placementon the belly’s natural spot.

Wondering Why Does Your Belly Button Get Affected?


The belly button of every person is, in fact, joined with a stalk. Hence, in case of detaching the navel from the surrounding skin, it still gets fixed with its stalk.

Subsequent to the removal of any extra, loose skin, as happens during a tummy tuck, the rest of the skin around the abdomenis re-draped over your midsection.

For the original belly button, the surgeon generates a new opening while performing this surgical procedure. In this way, you can get the same navel; however, the surrounded skin is new.

Adding to it, you will see a dramatic improvement in your abdominal contours.


What Happens After a Tummy Tuck?


Typically, it takes around two to three hours for the completion of this procedure.

Afterward, the incision above the pubic hair from hip to hip will be stitched together. What’s more, a scar will be there falling along your bikini line’s natural crease.

Once a tummy tuck is completed, probably a surgical dressing will cover your abdominal incision as well as bellybutton. For draining any excess fluid or blood, there might take place the placement ofsmall tubes along with the site of incision.

What Results Should You Expect After a Tummy Tuck?


With the removal of additional fat and skin and yourabdominal wall’s strengthening, you can get that slim-trimlook through a tummy tuck.

Best of all, the results of tummy tuck usually last for longer, nonetheless you need maintaining a stable weight.

Get Help From An Experienced Surgeon For Having Desirable Results:

Luckily, when you approach an experienced cosmetic surgeon for having your tummy tuck done, your new belly button will look much better in comparison to the old one. What’s even better? It will appear completely natural also.

In fact, amongst the most crucial parts of doing a tummy tuck is shaping the belly button. And, only a professional surgeon can fully serve this purpose.

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