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Can women still get pregnant after a Tummy Tuck?

For some women, the hardest part after their pregnancy may be the dramatic weight change in their body which may be hard to put up with. For these women, a tummy tuck could be a life-changing surgery.



A Tummy Tuck has now become a common surgical procedure amongst women who have recently given birth which has lead to loose, saggy skin around their abdomen. This surgery may restore the abdomen to quite a large extent but some females have their apprehensions regarding its effect on subsequent pregnancies. Many times patients come to Dr. Arif Hussin to enquire about the possible fallouts of a tummy tuck if they plan a pregnancy months or years down the line. They are concerned about unplanned pregnancies and the safety of their baby. If you find yourself questioning the same, you are not alone since pregnancy after a tummy tuck is more common than you would expect. Also, you’ve come to the right place. After more than 15 years of performing various plastic surgeries, Dr. Arif Hussain knows it is essential for patients to gain knowledge before going under the knife- be it any form of surgery. After years of experience Dr. Arif Hussain approves having a Tummy Tuck after you’ve given birth and considers it safe for future pregnancies as well. Yes, your previous Tummy Tuck does NOT impact your future pregnancies, poses no threat to you and your baby, provided you have had time to fully recover. That is not to say that you will have the exact same experience as someone who hasn’t had surgery, since there are some side effects which you may experience during gestation as we will discuss in greater detail. However, it is generally accepted by plastic surgeons around the world that a tummy tuck will not hamper the baby from reaching term.


So the next question would be, how soon is too soon?. While sometimes things may be unplanned but you should be realistic not to deliberately stress your body at least for a few months. Tummy Tuck is an extensive surgery and you would want to be gentle with your body.

Here are some things which you can experience if you’ve undergone a tummy tuck and you’re now pregnant. Many women have reported feeling uneasy because the growing baby pushes up against the abdominal wall. The severity may vary for every female since every body responds differently and not ever tummy tuck surgery is the same. You may feel pulling or tugging sensation as the abdomen expands but this should not worry you because most women feel this during their pregnancy.


When you’re pregnant, the abdominal muscles gradually expand to accommodate your growing uterus and to displace the other internal organs accordingly. The skin also stretches a lot more than usual to reduce the stretch marks. When you’ve had a tummy tuck a large chunk of the skin is excised. This means it can no longer stretch as much as it would otherwise and this will lead to more prominent stretch marks and the scar from the tummy tuck will also shift accordingly. When the abdomen can no longer expand as much, the inner compartment may be under a bit more pressure which could shift this pressure onto other organs such as the Urinary bladder and the Stomach, leading to increased urinary urgency (accidental peeing) and dyspepsia (heartburn).

None of these symptoms are dangerous for your baby as it would find ample room to grow. Some women may sharply feel the kicks as well. Your abdomen may not protrude out as much as it did with your previous pregnancy.


You could opt for a natural labour or a C-section after a Tummy Tuck as both are safe. A C-section after a tummy tuck is not risky and is similar to operating on a patient who has had C-sections previously. Just as females can have multiple C- Sections without danger, a post tummy tuck cesarean has similar implications if your surgeon has the required experience of dealing with the scar tissue, your results can be undisturbed.


As seen in most cases, the shape and contour after a tummy tuck does in fact last, even after the baby is born, the baby weight is relieved off the mother. Sometimes, a touch up surgery may be required in certain circumstances. The factors that may influence this decision are the muscles involved and the amount of baby fat that you may have accumulated. This is why Dr. Arif Hussain always guides patients in such a position to keep a check on their weight during the pregnancy and otherwise. The normal gain in weight in pregnant state is  12-15 kg which is equivalent to 25-34 pounds. Another reason why you may want to apply for a touch up surgery is the stretch marks. With the appearance of new stretch marks, your smooth tummy may not look its best. That being said, keeping your expectations in check and consulting with an experienced plastic surgeon as Dr. Arif Hussain is just as important.


If you have not had a tummy tuck yet, and you plan on being pregnant in the future, the ideal case scenario is that you delay your tummy tuck surgery till you’ve had all of your planned deliveries. Your body changes dramatically during a pregnancy and you would want to allow it some time to adjust to the changes that occur which can be predicted and those which can  not be. This way you can avoid the unnecessary hassle of undergoing repeated surgeries and your tummy tuck results would last you without much issues.


In conclusion, the only reason you should be worried about having a tummy tuck and a subsequent C section is if you’ve opted for an inexperienced surgeon who usually offer cheapest surgeries. In case of plastic surgery, the fact of the matter is you get the results that you pay for. Therefore you should choose the best plastic surgeon, since your body is your sanctuary.

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