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Can a Tummy Tuck Give You a Flat Stomach?


Some patients may find their abdominal skin becoming loose after rigorous weight loss and in females, pregnancy changes the body dramatically as well. Despite achieving their target weight, they may not be fully satisfied with the way their body looks and feels, in part due to the extra pouch or skin surrounding their abdomen. These folds of loose skin may disguise the true extent of their weight loss and also make patients more self-conscious. Along with these come the minor disturbances during day to day activities where lax pouching of the skin may irritate the underlying skin and may even cause infections to arise. Another issue that many patients may find related to lax skin is the presence of stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by permanent destruction of the collagen in the skin. There is no effective therapy for this except surgically excising the area with the marks.



Tummy Tuck operation (also known as abdominoplasty) is a surgical technique to achieve a symmetric and youthful body figure for those people looking forward to get rid of the loose, lax skin of their mid abdominal region. For many people, a tummy tuck maybe their best bet after they have tried their hands on extensive exercise regimens and harsh dieting to get rid of persistent fat pockets in their body but all their efforts have gone in vain. The ideal candidates for a tummy tuck surgery are non-smokers who are physically active and are at their target weight. There are many variations to the Tummy Tuck surgery, from much extensive, full-fledged Tummy Tucks to less extensive mini tucks. The surgical extent depends on the needs of the patients. Sometimes a mini-tuck may prove to be effective enough to produce a flat tummy.


As the procedure is becoming more common among both females and males, patients want to ensure what a tummy tuck can do for them and what sort of a result should they expect. Since a Tummy Tuck is basically regarded as a more rigorous method than liposuction which merely sucks out the fat, the results of a tummy tuck are much more defined creating a flatter ‘stomach’ or more precisely a toned abdomen. The surgery can do wonders for people, however, one must keep their expectations in check since the human body is dynamic and changes constantly. Also, the surgery does come at the cost of a scar below the umbilicus, so expecting your body to look like it never went under the knife is a stretch.


In order to manage our expectations for a surgery, we must understand the results of a tummy tuck, and for that we must appreciate the anatomy of the abdomen. The abdominal cavity is the largest cavity of the human body. It houses many important organs including the stomach, the intestines, the liver, spleen etc. The cavity is surrounded by muscles, fat, fascia and skin. For many people, the ‘stomach’ is a misnomer for the abdominal cavity. In a tummy tuck surgery, Our Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Arif Hussain aims to work on the outer layers of the abdominal wall i.e. the muscles, outer fascia, adipose tissues and skin and does not invade the peritoneum (the case that houses the viscera). Therefore, whatever results you see are consequence of strengthening the outer structures and not the underlying viscera. When people develop fat after years of unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, fat also accumulates in the inner organs. The Tummy Tuck does not influence this visceral fat and it must be burned by exercise and diet. This is why it is imperative that the patient first achieves their target weight first prior to surgery. Regardless, simply excising the outer skin and associated fat tissues can make a significant impact on your body.


Often in tummy tucks, the muscles of the abdomen are approximated and then sutured together to strengthen the lax muscles. Frequently after pregnancy, some females may find it hard to achieve their pre-pregnancy body state, in spite of having the same weight. Such a problem is linked to what we call in surgery; “rectus diastasis”. Here the fascia overlying the muscles are overextended and loose and the abdominal muscles are fully contracted. This fascia can be tightened and sutured to form what is called the fascial plication. This is frequently performed by Dr. Arif Hussain as well.


A common problem with rapid weight loss is the associated loose skin, such patients are routine gym-goers and work on their muscle tone but their loose skin masks their results. In such patients, a tummy tuck may even accentuate the abs area. However, necessarily expecting to see abs after undergoing surgery will lead to disappointments because this procedure does not aim for defining muscle tone, albeit with exercise and diet after surgery patients may see their abs. Even though cosmetic surgery does not target the visceral fat, with affective body contouring patient can expect to get rid of fat in the subcutaneous layer. Sometimes liposuction may be adjoined with a tummy tuck to eliminate the pockets of stubborn fat that won’t go away even with exercise thereby further refining the results from the tummy tuck.



You can expect to have the results which are long-lasting and even permanent if you follow it up with a healthy lifestyle. If the patient does not change their dietary habits they may develop fat again. Likewise, repeated pregnancies after a tummy tuck may influence the results and such females could then opt for a revision tummy tuck surgery. To avoid repeated surgeries,it is therefore advised that females wait until they have had all their pregnancies and are at their optimal weight.

Dr. Arif Hussain has been performing numerous tummy tucks for more than 15 years now, all of his surgeries have been life-changing for his patients, they feel more youthful, slimmer and feel their best. In order to get the most out of your Tummy Tuck Surgery, get an appointment by Dr. Arif Hussain today!

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