How to know if you need a Facelift?

Despite being a natural phenomenon, aging may not be as inevitable as you may perceive. The signs of aging appear as a spectrum which may vary from person to person. It is a common observation that famous celebrities tend to maintain their youthful appearance with minimal signs of aging while those who have a careless lifestyle are more prone to show senile changes in their skin such as wrinkling and drooping. If you are one of those people who experience significant signs of aging, a facelift by Dr. Arif Hussain could prove to be life changing for you.


A facelift surgery, as the name indicates is one of the routine plastic surgery procedures whereby the surgeon lifts and tucks the sagging extra skin to revert the face back to its youthful glory. The facelift surgery has turned the clock back for many people and has given them a new positive outlook. The surgery involves removing the extra wrinkled skin, tightening the inner fascia and muscles which give rise to lifted and smooth facial contours.

If you still have trouble deciding if you want to go for a facelift, you have come to the right place. In this article we will discuss how you can examine yourself physically and mentally to check if you are ready to get a facelift. Here is what you need to do:


The purpose of a facelift is to correct or revert the skin back to its younger state. Plastic surgeons target specific areas of the face like the lower face and the neck to tuck the skin in special ways which tighten up the facial tissues, creating a smooth contoured appearance. Before you decide to undergo a facelift you can examine your face for wrinkles, indefinite jawline or jowls. A test routinely performed by plastic surgeons that you can perform on yourself in front of the mirror is to place both your hands on the sides of your face and gently push your fingers towards your ears. Check to see if you have significant creases and excess skin between your fingers and the ears. If you are bothered by the excess skin, then you might be a candidate for facelift surgery. Other areas where you can pull your skin to check for sagging skin is your neck which may show muscle banding.


You may need to check yourself for certain emotional signs to make sure you are ready for a facelift. There are certain indications which can support your decision to go for a facelift such as looking in the mirror and being unsatisfied by your wrinkling and sagging skin or feeling that your appearance is misrepresenting your age and you look older than you feel. Other indicators are emotional upsets because your face looks exhausted, annoyed or sad even when you aren’t. Wearing scarves and turtlenecks because you want to hide your facial drooping. Finding yourself in an emotional turmoil which is affecting your relationships due to the aging experience. The most essential factor is being self motivated to undergo surgery rather than being forced externally. If you feel pressured to go under the knife it may be better to wait and decide if you really want to or not. Conversely if you have an internal desire to go for surgery you should follow your goals.


A facelift won’t necessarily give you back your job or make an unhealthy relationship better or ‘change’ your face to resemble a celebrity or make you look like a teenager. Therefore, keeping your expectations in line is essential. The results of your surgery are dependant on your facial structure. Dr. Arif Hussain endorses body positivity by telling his patients what is possible in a surgery and what isn’t. If you are looking to change your face to someone else’s, no amount of plastic surgery would help you achieve your dreams. On the other hand, a surgeon can ‘fine-tune’ your facial features so you look your best.


Timing for a facelift is an essential component since it may dramatically influence your results. The ideal age to go for a facelift is around 50 years. Patients who are from 40- 60 years of age may benefit the most from a facelift. The reason being, if you hold off your facelift for too long, after this ideal time period, the skin loses its elasticity and your results may not be optimal. Similarly, the ideal season is around winter or autumn because you would want to protect your results from sun damage.

Another time related concern would be your availability for a full recovery post surgery. You should schedule your surgery around the time when you can get at least 2 weeks off work, you wouldn’t want to strain yourself and your skin too much around the recovery time. Similarly if you want your surgery done before an important event, it is best that you schedule your surgery at least 2-3 months prior to the particular event so you can flaunt your results.


Additionally before undergoing a facelift surgery, or any surgery for that matter, ensuring a good overall health is indispensable. If you have any underlying medical concerns it is best to first consult your physician before the surgery and get their approval.


Facelifts are a technique based plastic surgery. For a natural looking facelift, you need the expertise of a trained and experienced plastic surgeon who has performed umpteen such surgeries. Often times we see patients who have set an example for a facelift gone wrong, these patients have skin that is too tight with facial lines being pulled towards the site of the incision and areas of the face having loss of volume. A facelift isn’t simply about pulling the skin to remove wrinkles, it is so much more. This is why Dr. Arif Hussain combines multiple techniques involving liposuction of certain areas, fat volume replacement and muscle plication to give the best possible results to his patients. If you’re looking to get a facelift from the best plastic surgeon in Pakistan, get connected with Dr. Arif Hussain today.

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