Gynecomastia is a condition where there is an abnormal enlargement in male breast. Causes are Physiological, Pathological, Drug induced and sometimes if a person is overweight.

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I have written many articles regarding the procedure out come and the results, but I believe something should be written for how it affects the person’s mind and behavior in the society and what measure should be taken to literate the society regarding this successful procedure.

Most Common Cause.
Well the causes of large male breast or Gynecomastia as discuses before are many but the most common cause which we cater is Physiological and in obese patients. Physiological gynecomastia which is also known as the true gynecomastia develops at the age of adolescence, meaning when a boy is developing his puberty and there is a hormonal imbalance, that condition is normal in three ages. One when the boy is born second at the puberty and thirds at the old age. Usually and mostly below two condition becomes normal with the age but sometimes it stays there and can become a problem.

Other causes are Pathological and Drug induced. Pathological condition is the least that we cater.


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Drug induced are on the second which comes the most. Person who on prolong drugs like anti depressant, anti hypertensive, anti diabetic or anti ulcer drugs leads to gynecomastia. Alcohol can also be one of the cause if taken daily.

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Behavioral Issues. 
Most men who visited at the door of Plastic Surgeon are in the ages between 20 and 30.
They are suffering from Physiological gynecomastia.  Out of 10 every eight has behavioral issue and personality disorders.  They are losing their self esteem and confidence due to their large breast. Unable to perform their work which they are working for and take least interest.  They feel ashamed to move in the society and making friends and love to stay alone.They can’t go to any physical activity because they do not want to take off their shirt. They are suffering all these issues because of large breast or gynecomastia.
I am really astonish some times to know that, how the parents of such a child are left unnoticed and can’t see   their child issues. Most of the patients they come alone or with  some of their friends for a procedure not telling their parents at all, Even some came who are married but without telling their wife.
There are many parents who think that it is not a problem for their child and do not motivate them to go for a procedure, they are making it worse for a person suffering from gynecomastia.

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Awareness should be made to literate the patients and as well as their parents that there is a safe and better procedure than the previous one to bring the self esteem back for  their child to  stand strong in the society.

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