Gynecomastia Liposuction an Emerging Entity

Latest Techniques and procedure is the key of good outcomes of any surgery.

Surgeons are adopting new method to give outstanding results to the satisfaction of the patients and to achieve more Aesthetic appearance.

Liposuction is widely performed worldwide for body contouring and shaping. That procedure is carried out to reshape the body parts  specially the abdomen area flanks, thighs , back, arms, chin and jaw lines and any area even the face where a person want to have slim and trim shape.

Gynecomastia or large male chest are now also treated with liposuction, this procedure is now an emerging entity and become popular day by day. Initially that social taboo was addressed by big incision and scars and sometimes drain pipes are placed for any collection to be drained out. Liposuction has changed the picture and the procedure has become handy for both the surgeon and the patient as well.

We are catering large number of patients from my part of the country and we are performing the procedure successfully.


The procedure is very simple and safe, after examining the patient a date is fix for the treatment. Patient is advised some relevant test to be done and counselled one day before the surgical procedure.

The procedure can be done under local and general anaesthesia  Marking are made and small tiny incision are made just below the chest. A tumescent solution is injected and after that suction is carried out for both the chest and the procedure is completed in an hour. Sometimes we need to excise the hard stromal tissue beneath the areola by making tiny incisions at the areola.

Dressing applied after the procedure.

Hospital stay:

Patient can leave the hospital after 2 or 3 hr & relevant medication is given for one week.

Sometimes patient can drives back to home himself, I advised them if they live nearby or not in a rushy place then they can drive otherwise accompanied with some body.

Follow up:

Follow up advised after first post operative day.

Than after one week.

Gynecomastia via liposuction is safe and handy procedure which gives cosmetic and Aesthetic results without any scaring and pain.


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