Gynocomastia Remedy With Liposuction Along With Surgical Excision

Liposuction in Gynecomastia has become a common cosmetic procedure globally. In Pakistan we are catering large number of patients as well. As we have discusses before that this is a social taboo and an issue in the society so care should be taken to give the best to the patient.

Surgery should be conducted according to the size and the grading of gynecomastia and also according to it classifications.

As in that case scenario the guy had grade 1 gynecomastia. He had a hard stromal tissue just behind his nipple areola and some fat around his chest. He has tried very hard with the exercises but no result.

He came to me and I examine him and after consultation we have decided to go for liposuction plus excision of the stromal tissue at the same time.


Procedure starts from the planning and the marking. Tumescent solution is injected to the chest area to suck the extra fat and to give the chest the desired shape.  After liposuction excision of the hard and the stromal tissue is performed over both chests making tiny incision at 9 and 3 0clock position.


That small incision is close by 5.0 proline which leaves no bad scar. Dressing is applied and patient is shifted to the recovery room.


This patient stayed in the hospital for only 2 hrs. and called us from the wedding that what should he eat; I am mentioning that here that chest lipo is a day care procedure and one can attend any function after but no aggression should be done and heavy exercise should not be conducted for one month.

The accuracy and the artistry is in the hand of a Surgeon to deliver his best to the client specially when dealing with Aesthetic Surgery.

Here are the pre and the post pic of the patients.



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