Gynecomastia in Paksitan

Gynecomastia in karachi 
True Gynecomastia
with Glandular tissue.

Pseudo means false and gynecomastia is an
 abnormal enlargement of male breast which can happen in the ages 
between 16 till old
There is a misconception, and many people don't know which is 
 a true gynecomastia or which is just the fatty enlargement of breast. Well the true
 gynecomastia will have only a Glandular hard tissue mostly beneath the nipple
 areola and sometimes has some fat around the chest as well. On the other hand
 the pseudo gynecomastia will only be the deposition of fat.  The surgical
 management of both kind of gynecomastia is different. If there is only fat than it
 can be taken out without excision through liposuction. If it is true gynecomastia than both Liposuction and the excision of the hard tissue is needed. In early ages the
 excision is made through big incisions and sutures are performed but now a days
 it's a day care procedure and no stitching is required if only liposuction is done.
 Pseudo gynecomastia can also be corrected through some hard work out and 
gym,. but true Gynocomastia requires a surgical procedure. Cosmetic surgery has done wonders and made things easier for better looking.

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