Recovering From Brazilian Butt Lift

Who has never dreamt of having a big rounded butt? Well, I guess everybody of us has put effort into gyms to get a good bottom. But sometimes those efforts don’t pay off, and some out of the box treatment are required. Here Brazilian Butt lift comes as a savior.

Brazilian butt lift is a modern-day procedure to give you a heavy round bottom. It is different from a regular butt lift. The commonly known butt lift will tighten the loose skin at your buttocks, but it won’t add any volume. Whereas, when you go for a Brazilian butt lift along with tightening, it also adds volume.

Fat transfer or fat grafting technique is used in Brazilian butt lift. It is less invasive than implants and also safer. In this procedure, fat will be taken out of other parts of your body.

Parts where you obviously don’t need it, but still, it’s there. So that fat is removed using liposuction, usually from thighs, abdomen, waist, arms, or legs. Further, this fat is purified and prepared to be infected. Your surgeon will then fill your buttocks with the required amount of fat.

Whenever we choose to go for a cosmetic procedure, the first point of concern is always recovery time. Nobody can miss works for long. Or, if you are a woman, you have tons of household chores, and your family needs your time and care, which you cannot avoid. So, today let me explain how the recovery of Brazilian butt lift works.

Recovering From Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery:

The best thing about Brazilian butt lift can actually be the less downtime. This is because it is a non-invasive procedure. A full recovery can take from 1 to 2 months. However, Recovery time can be divided into the following phases:

Initial Recovery

Initial recovery can be the most painful phase. It is the immediate after procedure time when you have swelling, bruising, and pain. You might also feel some numbness in the area.

For pain management, your doctor will prescribe pain killers. Take them regularly.

Moreover, drains might be attached to the wounds to drain out any left tumescent fluid. Also, it prevents any fluid or blood accumulation. Also, you are given a compression garment to wear, so it keeps the skin in place.

The initial recovery phase ends within a day or two, where the pain becomes manageable, and drains are removed.

You also start a little walking, which helps with constipation too, but sitting is a big no no.

Back To Work:

You can resume working two weeks after the procedure only if you don’t have to sit for long. Even if you have to sit, you can use a donut pillow.

Postoperative Consultation:

Your post-surgery meet up with your surgeon will be scheduled by the end of the third week.  Here he might change or discontinue any medications and give further instructions.

Back To Exercise:

You can resume light exercise only by the end of the eighth week. This is because you should not be burning the fat you just grafted. Your surgeon will actually overfill the area with fat because the body will reabsorb almost 40%. This is how naturally our bodies will react.

So if you start exercising, the fat dissolves. Thus wait till it has stabilized.

Full Recovery:

Full recovery can take up to two months. This is when all swelling subsides, and all extra fat is absorbed. Now you can see the best-desired results of the procedure. You can also fully return to your routine and feel naturally comfortable with your butt because you don’t have anything synthetic in it.

Also, I would like to answer some FAQs regarding the recovery;

How Long After The Surgery Can I Sit?

It is better to avoid sitting up till 4th week. Then you can start sitting for shorter periods and only when necessary. If you sit for long and put a lot of pressure on your bottom, the fat cells die quickly and form lumps.

Will I Have Ugly Scars After The BBL Surgery?

Well, not at all. In fact, a BBL scar is merely like a staple punch mark. That too from where the fat graft is injected. They might vanish on their own or remain as a faint unnoticeable mark.

Is BBL Recovery Very Painful?

The initial phase can be a bit painful. You might feel some discomfort and soreness. This can be similar to muscle soreness. For pain management, simple Tylenol is given. If you take it according to prescription, you’ll be fine in a day or two.

The only discomfort left will be while sitting, which you should avoid at maximum.

To help you have a speedy recovery, I have some tips for you:

Tips For A Good Recovery:

If you want a fast-paced recovery with some good results do keep these tips in mind;

  • Have someone for taking care of you for the first few weeks as you cannot move much.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods
  • Don’t put pressure on your buttocks while sleeping
  • Avoid exercise until the eighth week.
  • Don’t drive for the first few weeks. Later use a donut pillow.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking
  • Stay hydrated
  • Maintain a stable and healthy weight.

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