Gynecomastia  is a condition where there is an abnormal enlargement in the male breast. Gynecomastia is classified in to mild, moderate and sever. Some times that condition mimic as a female breast in some patients.  Men in their mid twenties are concerned more because of a physiological gynecomastia which loses their self esteem and confidence in the society. Physiological gynecomastia start at the puberty and when a boy reaches at the age of 18 he start feeling embracement due to many reasons.

He cannot go for any sport activity like swimming, athletic, and Gym because he feels ashamed to take of their shirt in front of his friends.  This problem leads to lack of socializations and the behavioral issue which is in the long run is harmful.

I cater lot of patients with this condition working in the armed force even, having talent in them to excel but due to large or prominent breast they lack behind, reason they don’t take drill courses and exercises.

There are many patients they don’t tell or share their problems with parents because they think it is normal, but the parents don’t know that their child will lose his confidence in the society if not address soon.

Plastic and Cosmetic surgery has done a lot in the manner, that not only give the beauty in the society but also brought smile back in many patients.

One important thing, that, what type of doctor should we choose when we are consult ting Gynecomastia, chest lipo and body contouring procedures. One should always go to a Plastic Surgeon and that surgeon who has a lot of experience dealing in Gynecomastia.  That will be better for a patient and for his results.

5 to 10 years back that procedure was considered a difficult procedure and involves lot of scaring, even now days some surgeon performs it leaving big scars. We do a latest and day care procedure which has no scaring no stitches and no admission or overnight stay. Same procedure is carried out in Mild, Moderate and severs cases. Not Admission is required and no long follow up needed. Patient can resume his normal and routine work second day and can go to gym after four weeks.


Gynecomastia is a social taboo and can leads to very problematic behavioral issue if not addressed. Awareness should be made for the success stories and its remedy.


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