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How to Treat Gynecomastia?

Do you also desire a perfect slim smart body? Is your diet and exercise schedule on track? Still, the stubborn fat stuck to your breasts?In fact, regardless of gender, we all want to have a desirable body, don’t we?

Gynecomastia, or simply put overdeveloped breast tissue in males, is a very common condition. Are you suffering from gynecomastia? Do you spend hours exercising to develop chest muscles? Or have you just learned to live with it because nothing works?

Well, a healthy diet and exercises for chest muscle development help if breast enlargement is because of excess fat deposits. This might just be a case of false gynecomastia. And your condition may last even after following strict diet and exercise routines.

True gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue. Here diet and exercise or losing pounds won’t help. Many factors such as age, genetics, or hormonal changes are responsible for this.

Let us give you a more detailed account of what is gynecomastia and what are its causes?

What Is Gynecomastia?

As mentioned before, gynecomastia is enlargement or overdevelopment of male breast tissue. It can occur at any age, i.e., childhood, puberty, or younger people. Moreover, gynecomastia can affect one breast or both and even unevenly.

True gynecomastia is caused by an imbalance in estrogen and testosterone levels in males. Are you thinking how does estrogen affects males? Wasn’t it a female hormone? Well, yes, it is, but male bodies also produce a little amount of it. Henceforth when this little becomes a little more, it causes breast tissue enlargement.

This hormonal imbalance is sometimes because of natural causes like;

  • Increasing age
  • Puberty

Some other causes can be:

  • Medications
  • Excessive alcoholism
  • Health conditions like hyperthyroidism

False gynecomastia is some stubborn fat deposited in your breasts that would not go away. Even if you are at your ideal weight, you can experience this. Moreover, this can be because of aging or sagging skin left after weight loss.

So here, your doctor might first conduct some tests to see what the underlying cause is? Afterward, he’ll suggest proper medication and treatment. Even though you are treating the cause, the effect might not go away.

Enlarged breasts are not a health hazard. But do they make you feel embarrassed? Want to get rid of them permanently? You can always opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure for this.

How To Treat Gynecomastia?

Sometimes your enlarged breasts will go away on their own; however, if they are caused because of some medical problem, you will need proper treatment.

First and foremost, if your condition is a side effect of some medications. Your doctor will stop its usage and substitute it with some other.

If you are facing this situation during puberty, your doctor might recommend reevaluation after every three to six months. This is because pubertal hormone fluctuation might resolve within two years.

What if still, it doesn’t go away? Your doctor will then recommend medicines.


Some prescribed medicines for gynecomastia are:

  • Tamoxifen (Soltamox)
  • Aromatase inhibitors, such as anastrozole (Arimidex)

Although these are approved medicines from food and drug administration (FDA) but not specifically for use in gynecomastia. Cosmetic surgery is a more preferred method.

Surgery to Remove Gynecomastia:

Have you waited for a long period? Tried all diets and exercises? Have doctors prescribed all forms of medication? Still, you have not been able to get rid of that unwanted feminine body? Gynecomastia is the choice for you.

In just a matter of hours, you’ll be free of the body shaming and bullying you have suffered because of gynecomastia.

We have two gynecomastia surgery options for you:


Liposuction is the most convenient option available. As a matter of fact, gynecomastia responds very well to liposuction. Especially if you are suffering from pseudo gynecomastia, this technique is best suited.

Your surgeon will make small incisions at either side of the chest. Incisions can also be made in the armpits. A small tube is inserted with a cannula… This device removes the excess fat and tissue from the breast. This will give a natural contour to the tissue.

The amazing part is that recovery of liposuction is quicker than any other procedure. ++your surgeon might recommend wearing a compression garment. This is done to reduce swelling and support the treated tissue. Even though heavy exercise is forbidden, you can very easily start your routine activities and work in a few days.


You might think of a horrible breast removal surgerycancer patient undergowhen you hear of a mastectomy. In this case of gynecomastia, where the breast tissue is –enlarged i.e., true gynecomastia, you might need to get it removed. This is why it is also called gynecomastia surgery.

The excessive glandular tissue and sagging skin are removed in this procedure. Your surgeon might also tighten and reshape the stretched skin around the breasts. Over and above that, you can also get your nipple repositioned to get a more natural look.

Your surgeon will make incisions where scars are least visible. You’ll be down for two to three weeks or more if your job requires heavy labor.

Talk to Your Doctor:

It is very important to choose a good doctor and then have a detailed sitting with him/her. Furthermore, you should discuss the best treatment options. At times only medicine might cure you.

But if the condition is getting more frustrating, you might need liposuction or breast surgery. You might even need a combination of both procedures where fat is sucked with liposuction and the skin the sag afterward is reshaped with surgery.

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