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Will Brazilian Butt Lift Really Give You A Bigger Booty Of Your Dreams?

Every person owns a right to look perfectly beautiful.And, females are in particular more conscious and concerned about having a perfect figure. Right ladies?

Have you been sweating for hours in the gym? Also avoided your most favorite guilty treats for ages now? But still, you see no visible results and looking for a quicker solution? Well, that’s very saddening and heartbreaking though.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to lose hope anymore as we are here to help. With so much advancement in plastic surgery, you can get the booty of your dreams within hours.

Or be more precise about the booty of your dreams. Yes, indeed who does not dream of a perfect curvy round bottom? It’s a surefire way to turn those heads as you walk around.

Wondering how does a Brazilian butt lift work? Is it even a legit procedure or not? Should you actually go for it? This article is going to answer all your whys and wherefores about Brazilian Butt Lift.

Read on to know more about it.

Wondering What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

So, let us introduce you to the wondrous Brazilian butt lift.

Butt lift is a procedure where fat is transferred from one part of your body to your butt through surgery.

It will enlarge your buttocks and give it volume. Moreover, it will contour the shape.

Isn’t it amazing that you get fat removed from where you don’t want it and transfer it to where you want it? A spectacular two in one combo.

Getting a surgical procedure done might scare some of you. However, it is a very convenient process.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Done?

All your anxiety of the surgery will be taken away by the anesthesia.

General anesthesia is given before the surgery so you could soundly sleep through it. Thus, this makes it an easy and painless procedure.

Moving ahead the surgeon will then remove excess fat from your abdomen, thighs, and waist. This is done by liposuction.

Further, this fat is purified and prepared to be injected.

Once the required amount of fat is transferred incisions made both for liposuction and the fat transfer will be stitched by your surgeon.

Worried about the healing time? Let’s get an insight of what can you expect after the surgery.

What to Expect After A Butt Lift?

Your bottom is a delicate part. You need to religiously rest for two weeks to avoid any complications. It might take a total off our to six weeks for complete healing.

You will surely have some soreness, bruising and swelling. You’ll feel some discomfort for a few dayswhich can spread to the lower region of your body.

Moreover, you might be suggested to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling.

Wondering would you be lying straight for two weeks.

Well yes mostly because you should not put pressure on the tissue.

But you can sleep on your back, walk, bend and kneel in the first two weeks. Although some prolonged sitting like during driving and working is not recommended.

Adding to this, when after two weeks you resume your daily activities it is recommended to sit on a pillow especiallyif you have a desk job.

What Would Be The Results?

The most amazing thing about getting the butt lift is that it is permanent. Yes, you heard me right it won’t leak or rupture like implants and stay there for a lifetime. You’ll need revision if your body shape changes overtime.

Here you might be thinking that will you get the booty of your dreams immediately?

Well,you might have to wait for a few days. Your butt will look rounder immediately but it will get to the perfect shape the bruising and swelling go away completely.

Moreover,you’ll lose up to 40% of fat transferred in the first few days. Do not worry the plastic surgeon knows and will actually overfill your buttocks beforehand.

Still confused about getting a butt lift or not? Let us give you some compelling reasons for having a butt lift.

  • It is a low-risk procedure as compared to other butt-lifting options available
  • It provides a more uniform round shape to your butt
  • It will give a more natural look which is not possible with implants.
  • It is permanent
  • It can be considered for issues like sagging and shapelessness coming with age. Indeed, this is important so that you could feel comfortable in your body and clothes.


Who Can Get Butt Lifts?

A high rate of people has considered butt lifts in the last few years. If you are considering the surgery you might need to keep some points in mind;

  • You have a flat-shaped butt
  • Need to put your body in a more uniform shape
  • Fight aging
  • Have enough fat stores
  • Are at a healthy weight because major weight fluctuations after surgery can affect the results.
  • Avoid smoking before surgery
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Consider a Good Surgeon:

It is very important that you have a detailed sitting with your surgeon. You discuss what you need and what will be the best option for you to consider.

Also, get your physician on board as like any other surgery you should have your diabetes and blood pressure under control. Also, if you have any other disease or are using any medications it should be discussed beforehand.

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