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Facts about Face Liposuction

We have more options available for keeping our faces looking more young & vibrant for longer than ever before. Some options are non-invasive while other are minimally invasive, all depends on the type and amount of rejuvenation required to meet your goals. Botox and fillers can help reduce lines and wrinkles by targeting areas where lines are occurring due to repetitive facial muscle movements or loss of volume. When the issue is excess, stubborn pockets of localized fat in the neck, chin, and jowls, however, Face Liposuction may be your best choice.

So many people think of liposuction as just a procedure for various areas of the body. Similarly, when people think of excess, sagging in the face, a face lift often comes up as the only option people can name, but the Face Liposuction procedure can actually proceed a face lift type of result. Dr. Arif Hussain uses his fine sculpting skills to create dynamic, yet natural looking results without cutting the skin. The liposuction procedure is quick and minimally painful. It is performed under local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia & can create a more defined jaw line and youthful appearance. get more information by contacting us or book your Free consultation today.

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