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Big isn’t always good

Sometimes there has to be a middle ground. Anything in excess is never good or pretty. These rules apply to your buttocks as well.

A disproportionate buttock will never be attractive. There are people who need butt implants and then there are ones who need a reduction. Big buttocks that prevent you from wearing the pants you like or sport a bikini with confidence needs go. No amount of squats and dieting can sometimes help you get rid of the extra fat that has unfortunately made your bum their home. Its times like these that call for a buttock liposuction. like any other liposuction is the removal of unwanted fat from your buttock to make them shapely and better looking.

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia. This unwanted excess fat is suctioned via PowerX System and removed. The entire process takes a few hours as this is a day care surgery. Once the surgery is done, you can return home. Post surgery you may have to take it easy for a week. But you can resume your daily activities in a day or two. You may  experience minor swelling or bruising but not more than a few days, a support garment may be advised for a few days. You can recommence lighter, non strenuous activities in 1 -2 weeks. Driving a car will need a few weeks and gym can be resumed after a month.

You may have doubts and concerns which you can voice out to Dr. Arif Hussain. At Aesthetic Shapes we deliver the best results especially with our De-risking process by which we eliminate any potential risk associated with surgeries. It’s a simple difference between making the right choice to live your life the way you want or go on living the way you do. To have a better life it is essential to love your body, and one sure way of doing that is by changing the way you look for better.

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