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Tummy tuck with liposuction

Tummy tuck by its name makes apparent something cutting and suturing together, and Liposuction means only sucking the fat out. Multiple question arises in lot of clients  mind worldwide who likes to avail Cosmetic and Body Contouring procedures, can these two procedures done simultaneously if we are targeting the person’s belly. Tummy tuck procedure is adopted when a person lower belly is pendulous especially women when they have multiple pregnancies, and when the status of the muscle is week because it’s stretched out. Sometimes many patients don’t require tummy tuck if they have a normal child birth means without a C-section then they can easily tone up there muscle with walk and exercise but not all the time.

Another indication for tummy tuck with liposuction is that many women develop stretch mark over there belly and if they are below there umbilicus than tuck is the answer. Stretch marks are basically the scar in the dermis which are in the deeper layer of the skin and they are visible with translucent epidermis, so its difficult to treat with others no invasive procedures.

Now if someone has above sequels and also has fat pockets above the umbilicus area they are the good candidates for tummy tuck with liposuction. This combined procedure should be dealt carefully by any Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon because Plastic surgery is the continuous battle between the beauty and the blood supply.



Work up is very simple, after examination and evaluation send the patients to carry out base line blood test along with viral profile and all necessary investigations according to the age is delivered to the client. Patients is asked to take rest and take some anti depressant drug for those who have some fear one night before the surgery.


Preferable anesthesia is the General Anesthesia.


Depending upon the procedure to be carried out; it took at least 2 to 3hr procedure.


One day admission is required.


Procedure is carried after the patient is dosed off and draped and prepped aseptically. Marking is made, preferably a bikini incision is made and all the skin and the fat raised up to the level of fascia one layer above the muscle. Dissection and undermining is made at the level of umbilicus and the flap is pulled down to see how much to be resected, a new umbilicus is made to give a normal anatomical position.  After all tucking and lifting mark the lifted flap containing skin and fat and cut it, muscle placation is performed to tighten up the rectus muscle. What I usually do is perform the liposuction procedure from the same raised flap, in that way we do not need any further incision. Cocktail of tumescent solution is injected and the liposuction procedure is carried out at the same time.

After all these steps we close the defect aesthetically in layers and tie a Redivac drain.  I prefer to place the compression garments at that time and the patient is shifted to the recovery room.

Staying for half an hour in the recovery room and then shifted to the allocated room.


Post operative medications are given, some pain killers if needed antibiotic and some anti inflammatory drugs.

Patient is discharge next day and follow up is advised and suture is taken out on 10th post operative day. Patient is advised to take rest but not a totally bed rest can do her normal routine work of house hold from 5th postoperative day and can resume her daily exercise after 4 weeks.

Compression garments is to be worn for at least six weeks.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery has done wonders in Aesthetic procedures and has changed people life, everybody has the right to look good and the best possible result they can achieve is from Plastic Surgery.

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