How Much Does A Nose Job Cost In Pakistan?

The nose is the centerpiece of the face, and any birth defect or injury may cause it to change its form. Other than this, some individuals may also want to consider necessary enhancements in it. For those individuals, science has definitely found a safe and permanent solution.

Those who say first impressions are the last impressions really know what they are talking about. And appearances play the main role in giving them. Only some are blessed with the opportunity to give their nose a proper appearance or to get rid of any sort of defect. So why not remove the obstacle that is stopping you from being the best version of yourself?

Now that we have identified the importance of a nose reshaping surgery let’s have a detailed look at what it is termed as and how much it costs?

What Is A Nose Reshaping Surgery?

Nose reshaping or nose job surgery is also known as rhinoplasty. It includes plastic surgery for correcting and reconstructing the form, restoring the functions, and resolving nasal trauma or any other defects. As a result of undergoing this procedure, recovery may take several months for the swelling to subside completely.

What’s more? Rhinoplasty is capable of making changes either in the cartilage, skin, or even the bone portion of your nose. While planning rhinoplasty, you will need to thoroughly discuss the procedure as well as its risk factors before going under the needle.

Noticeably, your surgeon will cover your medical history, physical exam, and a discussion of your expectations. As well as that, he will assess whether you will make a suitable candidate for this procedure or not.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

This surgical procedure is ideal for correcting the following:

  • Asymmetrical nostrils and bumps on the nose
  • A Crooked or a wide nose
  • Structural problems and chronic blockings causing difficulty in breathing
  • A Too large or a too-small nose.

In addition to these, the candidate must also be in good health so he would be able to go through this surgery without any complications.

Risk Factors Associated With Nose Reshaping:

Bear in mind that nose reshaping can be a complex and challenging procedure and pose some serious risks in case of improper treatment or aftercare. Here are the possible risks that this surgery can include:

  • Infection
  • An adverse reaction to the anesthesia
  • Permanent numbness
  • Scarring
  • Discoloration, swelling, or pain that may persist
  • Need for an additional surgery

Is There Any Possible Way To Avoid Such Risks?

In order to avoid the risks associated with rhinoplasty, you must need to talk to your surgeon before undergoing the procedure. As a matter of fact, you can minimize all such risks by approaching a well-qualified and experienced surgeon.

Rhinoplasty In Pakistan: What To Expect?

Many clinics and hospitals of Pakistan perform Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job in the present times. It usually takes 1.5 to 3 hours, depending upon the complexity of the procedure. Your surgeon will give you local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia; this depends upon the preference of the surgeon.

The Procedure Of Nose Reshaping Surgery:

A nose job has to do with the inside of the nose in which the surgeon makes a small incision at the base between the nostrils. The surgeon will then restructure your nasal bones or readjust the cartilage. He is likely to readjust the form in several ways, all depending upon how much needs to be detached or added.

To make small changes, the surgeon can take cartilage from the deep end of your nose or even from your ear. But to make any large change, he will need to take it from the rib area, use implants.

After making the changes according to the requirements, the surgeon will place the skin and tissues back in their place and stitch them together. Depending upon your condition, you will able to go home later that day, or you might have to stay there for a few days.


Your surgeon will, later on, advise the following for the initial time period of your recovery:

  1. Take baths instead of showers as your nose would be bandaged.
  2. Avoid jogging, aerobics, or any other such strenuous activity.
  3. Eat fiber-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables to increase water intake.
  4. Prevent constipation as it puts stress on the surgery site.
  5. Avoid extreme facial expressions.
  6. Brush your teeth lightly and to limit all such activity of your upper lip.
  7. Avoid pulling clothes over your head.

Nose Reshaping Surgery Cost In Pakistan:

Many clinics and hospitals are offering this procedure in Pakistan. However, their prices and packages vary from one another. Some provide free consultancy but will charge for the surgeon fee separately. Some will throw in a free hospital stay but will charge for the initial consultancies.

Operation setting, instruments, costs of anesthesia, medication costs, etc., will be responsible for determining how much you will have to pay for the whole treatment.

Wondering What Will Be The Nose Job Price In Pakistan?

The average price of rhinoplasty in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 70,000 to a whopping 300,000, all are depending upon the complexity of the surgery. It is major surgery, so the experience of the surgeon also matters a lot.

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