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Tummy Tuck – Get a Flat Belly

Media has changed our life a lot. It has not only changed the way we look at world but it has also changed the way we look at our self. It dictates that what norms of our society are. In past well fed and healthy women were considered beautiful but it is because of media now skinny women are considered beautiful with thin legs and flat belly.

We see many people who do lot of workout but can’t get a flat belly. When these people get disappointed from everywhere cosmetic surgery comes to help. Tummy tuck is for the people who have scars from old surgeries, lose flabby skin and it is for the woman who gets stretch marks after pregnancy. This procedure involves removal of excess skin. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can be divided into two categories. Complete abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty.


In complete abdominoplasty an incision is made from hip to hip above public area after which another incision is made to free the naval from surrounding skin. The skin is removed and fascia muscles are tightened through stitching called muscle plication. Often liposuction is used to give shape to the area under transition. At the end dressing is used which help to reduce the swelling and excess fluid if drained from the treated area.

 In case of mini abdominoplasty a small incision is made to remove skin or fat of lower abdomen from fascia. Excess skin is removed and skin is stretched down. Sometimes belly button is divided from muscle below which makes the belly button to slide down on the abdominal wall. In some cases some parts of abdominal fascia wall is tightened. To give shape liposuction is used and the end the skin removed is again stitched back.

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