Rhinoplasty – Nose Job Surgery

Nose job or Rhinoplasty is a challenging job for a cosmetic Surgeon as you are dealing with a big issue at a small place. I encountered a patient who had a history of trauma years back and under gone lot of surgeries before but did not find any luck, his defect was bothering him a lot and putting lot of burden on his personality. When I examine his nose he had totally lost his nasal bridge which is giving more of a saddle look and his front profile has no definition of nasal tip and the dome.

I decided to take that challenge and council the patient that I will do my level best to bring his identity back.

That surgery took me 2 hrs and I placed a autogenous bone graft from his iliac crest bone place inside it which gave him a straight and the thinner nose and reduced the size of his nasal side walls. I also did an open Rhinoplasty in Karachi for his frontal view and brought the flare alas or naries closer so in that case he has his both front and the back profile corrected. These pictures are after one week of the procedure and he will for sure has beautiful and the perfect nose in six months. He is now back to his normal work and feeling confident and moving boldly in the society.


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