Their were the age when  penicillin was first discovered for fight against bacterias.
Surgeries were performed without anesthesia using alcohol. And bull ants were used to close the cuts.

But God has given humans the brain to think and to polish their skills. Medical science has develop his skill and make the treatments much easier and advance.

Plastic surgery is not behind and became more and more advanced.
Gynecomastia is a condition effecting men and a embarrassing situation.
As surgery has evolved many new technique so as in this typical condition.

Many surgeons must be doing lot of good work to erase that ugly and large Breast of men but now latest approaches has been established which are day care and with very minimal down time and scaring.


What I do can be done under local like you are awake or can be done when you are dosed. A small incision is made around 4mm and all the fatty tissue is taken away via SAFELipo. If the glandular tissue is taken out than their are two approaches depending upon the grade of Gynecomastia.

A long port is inserted which shaved all the hard tissue and taken out. Other give a small incision at skin and areola junction at 3 and 9 o’clock position and we can exised the glandular tissue.
By this procedure one can achieve very promising and good result without any obvious scar even many times it is very hard to find the scar.
Rest person can leave home in 3 to 4 hrs and can resume his normal duties the next day.  A compression is applied for 6weeks and heavy exercise is allowed in 4 weeks.

Gynecomastia is a killer of self esteem and by removing it one can have a confident personality and can get his self esteem back.
Evolution in the field of aesthetic surgery has marked its domain.

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