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Ten Things To Know About Organic Breast Lift Surgery

Breasts are a symbol of feminine beauty. Yet very delicate to maintain. Slight changes in your body can affect the shape and size of your breasts. These changes can either be weight changes, hormonal changes, increasing age or even any medical reasons like a mastectomy can alter your breasts.

Good news is that today we have developed many surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct the shape and size of breasts. In early times, it was looked upon as something for celebrities only. But with passing time we have adopted it like any other cosmetic procedure. After all, we all have the right to look young and beautiful.

If your breasts are small, you can go for implants. On the other hand, if they lose shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding, you can go for a surgical breast lift. But nowadays a more popular procedure is trending, i.e. organic breast lift surgery.

As this is new in town, you might have many queries about it. So, today we are here to provide you with some useful information.

What Is An Organic Breast Lift?

Organic breast lift as the name suggests is an all-natural procedure. For this, you do not need the hassle of synthetic implants. In fact, for organic breast lift fat is taken from your own body. Yes, this is how it works. Unwanted fat is extracted from your body parts like buttocks, tummy, waist or arms.

This fat is then refined and injected inside your breasts according to what amount of correction is required.


How Is Organic Breast Lift Different From Other Procedures?

Usually, breast augmentation is used for size correction. A regular breast augmentation will require surgical insertion of silicone or saline implants. Bear in mind that keeping well with implants is a high maintenance job. More importantly, the surgery is quite invasive and can leaves scars.

Similarly, a regular breast lift will only correct the shape of the breast. It won’t correct the upper part of the breast nor have any effect on size.

Contrary to these, an organic breast lift will correct both size and shape. Adding more to this, it is less invasive with minimal scarring.

How Is It Done?

It is done in the following steps;

  1. At first, your surgeon will apply local anesthesia to host areas. These host areas are those from where the fat will be taken out.
  2. Fat extraction is done using simple liposuction method. A small cannula is inserted, and fat is vacuumed out.
  3. Next step involves purification of fat for using in injections.
  4. The fat is then injected in the breasts as per requirement.
  5. Your surgeon will usually overfill as the body will naturally reabsorb some fat.
  6. This procedure is performed using the micro-needling technique, so no incisions are made

How Much Time Will I Require To Get Fully Recovered?

As it is not a major surgery, recovery time will be less. You’ll only need to restrict your activities for a week. What’s more? Any weight lifting and strenuous activities will take 4-6 weeks to resume.

Moreover, you’ll have some post-operative swelling and redness that will go away on its own. Your surgeon might provide you with a surgical bra which you can remove after 2-3 days.

Will The Results Of An Organic Breast Lift Last Permanently?

Your breasts will usually be overfilled with fat which will dissolve over time of 6-8 months. This is the natural absorption process of the body.

Am I A Suitable Candidate For An Organic Breast Lift?

Noticeably, Organic breast lift is your go-to procedure if you are not happy with the shape of your breasts. Better still, some decisive factors can be:

  • You are in the best of health.
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke.
  • Are at your ideal weight.
  • Your breasts are sagging or lost shape.
  • Nipples and areolas are drooping downwards.
  • Breasts lose alignment, i.e. one of them is lower in position than others.
  • Areolas have become large.

What Benefits Does An Organic Breast Lift Offer?

Some benefits that organic breast lift offers you are as follows:

  • Because the fat injected is taken from your own body it poses no risk of an allergic reaction
  • Unlike simple breast lift, it corrects not only the shape of the breast but also the size
  • Minimal incisions are made.
  • Your breasts will feel natural. Trust us; they would never have been better.

Are There Any Risks Associated With The Procedure?

Likewise, any other medical procedure, organic breast lift also comes with a few risks. Some risks involved in Organic breast lift can be:

  • Overfilling: Some overfilling is required as the fat will absorb, but more than necessary can cause disorientation.
  • Underfilling: Underfilling of fat will lead to undesired results, and you might need another procedure
  • Cyst formation: If fat cells do not get proper blood supply, they form a dead mass or cyst below the skin. This might appear as lumps.

All these risks are associated with an unprofessional surgeon. So put all your effort in choosing the rightly trained doctor. Achieving great results with fat transfer requires years of practice. Hence, your surgeon should be well experienced.

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