Organic Breast Lift Surgery : What You Need To Know

Breast lift or mastopexy raises and lifts the breasts by tightening the breast tissue and removing excess skin to give your breasts a firmer and contoured look. Weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can decrease the elasticity of breast tissue, thus can change the firmness and youthful look of your breasts.
If you have saggy breasts and want to restore your feminine, youthful look, organic breast lift surgery can work for you.

Organic Breast Lift Surgery:

Breast lift surgery is now a very popular and common procedure. If you are looking for a natural boost and well-contoured breasts, you’re in the right place. Undergoing cosmetic surgery sounds terrifying, but thanks to the advancement in medical technology, there are various options out there that don’t need typical invasive surgical techniques.
So, if you are thinking about a breast enhancement procedure, organic breast augmentation can work for you. Organic breast lift surgery is a natural, less invasive procedure to enhance and rejuvenate your breast.
This is an advanced technique to transfer fats in your breast to give them firmer a natural look. Instead of foreign breast implants, this technique uses your body fats that are usually taken from the thighs or abdomen and transferred to your breast to create volume and reshape them.

How Organic Breast Lift Surgery Works?

Organic or natural breast lift surgery is a very simple but effective procedure. A fat transfer system, Medela takes fat with the help of low vacuum suction. The pure fat is harvested from the desired part of the body where liposuction is needed.
The fat structure is not destroyed in this process. Fat is then transferred into the breasts with the help of specially designed cannulas with extreme precision and in an aseptic manner to prevent infections. Thus make the whole procedure organic and natural with minimal scarring.

Benefits of Organic Breast Lift Surgery:

There are various advantages of choosing organic or natural breast lift surgery.
• Get better, more contoured breast shape without implants.
• Less scarring than regular breast augmentation implants
• Restore better breast contour and pleasing appearance
• Organic breast lift involving fat transfer helps to contour the fat donor site of your body.
• The cell renewal process improves and enhances skin appearance.
• Gives your breast a non-surgical natural boost

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Organic Breast Lift Surgery?

Organic Breast lift surgery is individualized and may not be suitable for everyone, so you may be an ideal candidate for breast lift surgery if:
• You are physically healthy and not suffering from any serious or chronic disease.
• You have loose and sagging breasts after breastfeeding.
• You feel that your breast size is small.
• Your breasts have lost shape and firmness.
• You have ptotic breasts or stretched out areolas.
• You need a projection and natural boost in your breast.
• You are done having children.
• You have a healthy, stable weight.

How Should I Prepare for My Breast Lift Procedure?

Your surgeon will evaluate your overall health status and make sure you are medically fit for the surgery. In some conditions, your surgeon may recommend mammographic examination prior to surgery. You may be asked about your current medical treatment, medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, and tobacco use.
Cessation of certain medications, including anti-inflammatory and blood thinner, maybe advised before surgery. Your surgeon will provide you a brief overview of the procedure and pre-operative instructions. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully to get the desired results.

Recovery From The Surgery:

Recovery from breast lift surgery varies from patient to patient. But usually, it takes almost one week to recover from the surgery fully. Mild numbness and swelling are common but will last for a few days following surgery. The incisions heal once the swelling is settled, giving you a natural-looking lift.
You may feel mild discomfort during the healing process, but your surgeon will prescribe medications for a smooth recovery. You can resume your daily chores and activities within a week or soon following surgery.

How to Maintain the Results of Organic Breast Lift Surgery?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best way to maintain breast lift surgery results. Follow a healthy diet and exercise regime to keep your weight stable, which will help you to maintain natural-looking contours. Once the organic breast lift augmentation is performed, you will get fuller and well-contoured breasts.
However, they will age with time along the rest of the body, but this varies in individuals. But the surgery performed by a qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon will give you long-lasting results.

Find a Qualified Plastic Surgeon for Organic Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Pakistan:

If you consider a breast lift surgery, make sure you find the best qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for Organic breast augmentation in Karachi, Pakistan. Proper consultation and understanding of all aspects of breast lift surgery are very important.

Your surgeon will understand your health profile and anatomy and your aesthetic goals, thus helping you and your surgeon plan the best surgical strategy that matches your needs accordingly. If you have any queries about breast lift procedures, schedule an appointment with your consultant.

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