Breast Surgery – Types And How We Do It

A few years back, if we wished to talk about breast surgeries, it would be shunned. Nobody wanted to talk about a natural body part like any other. This behavior of our society led us to an increase in breast diseases, especially breast cancer. The only reason was the delayed diagnosis and treatment.

Thankfully, today there is a lot of awareness about healthy breasts. Adding to my surprise is a rise in breast surgeries in Pakistan, not only for medical purposes but also for aesthetic purposes. You heard it right; many women are now opting for breast surgeries to get perfect round boobs.

Breast Surgery In Pakistan:

With increasing awareness, breast surgery has become a popular trend in our country. Not only females but males also consider it for many conditions.

Types Of Breast Surgery In Pakistan:

 1.    Breast Augmentation:

Breast augmentation is more commonly known as breast implants. Simply put, women get implants placed in the breast tissue for enhancement. This is the option for you if you want to correct the size of your breasts. For shape and position, you might need other procedures.

These implants are made up of different non-toxic materials. The most used types of implants are:

  • Silicone implants
  • Gummy bear implants
  • Saline implants

The type of implant is chosen according to your requirement.

This has been trending for a long amongst celebrities and models. However, it has now gained popularity amongst common people. Some issues which can be treated with implants can be:

  • Sagging of breast
  • Flat chest/ small breasts
  • Uneven size of the breast

How Is It Done?

Firstly it is a painless procedure, and you’ll be given general anesthesia before the procedure starts. Next, we use two techniques for placing breast implants.

  • Above The Chest Muscle:

To place the implant above the tissue, a less invasive incision is made. That is usually along the breast crease. This creates a pocket in which the implant is inserted.

  • Under The Chest Muscle:

If you want to keep the feel of your breast natural, the implant can be placed under the tissue. This will not disturb the texture and feel of the breast. For this, the incision is made from the armpit.

2.    Breast Lift (Mastopexy):

Some of us have good-sized and firm breasts. But with age or after pregnancy and lactation, you may lose the shape of your breast. For Shape correction, you can opt for breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, will reposition your nipple and remove excess fat and skin. If you are facing any of the following conditions, a breast lift is for you:

  • Drooping breasts
  • Down facing nipples
  • Large areolas

How Is It Done?

Breast lift surgery will be performed in the following steps:

Step1:  Markings

Firstly your surgeon will mark for incisions and determine the new location of your nipple and areola.

Step2: Anesthesia

Your surgeon will determine the type of anesthesia. Breast lift surgery is usually done with general anesthesia.

Step3: Incisions

Incisions for breast lift are made in an anchor shape. For repositioning of the nipple and areola, the incision is made around the areola. It then moves down to the breast crease.

Step4: Lifting

Further, your surgeon will remove any excess fat. Excess skin will be cut off. Moreover, the skin will be tightly pulled and stitched.

Step5: Bandaging

Once the incisions are closed with sutures, your surgeon will apply bandages and place drain tubes to prevent fluid accumulation.

3.    Breast Reduction:

Breast reduction refers to the removal of some breast tissue. If you have developed larger than normal breasts and they make you physically uncomfortable, you can get a reduction surgery.

This is a sought-after procedure, not only for females but also for males because it helps treat gynecomastia.

It is your go-to option if:

  • You have oversized breasts.
  • You have male boobs because of gynecomastia.
  • Your breasts have changed size after pregnancy or lactation.

You should avoid it if you want to breastfeed in the future because it involves the removal of glandular tissue, which can disrupt milk production.

How Is It Done?

Breast reduction surgery will be performed in the following steps:

Step1:  Markings

Your surgeon will mark the area to be treated and the site for incisions.

Step2: Anesthesia

Next, you’ll be administered general anesthesia. This is because breast reduction is an invasive procedure.

Step3: Incisions

The incision is made circling the areola going down to the breast crease and then along the crease.

Step4: Lifting

Moving ahead, your surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue.

Step5: Bandaging

The incisions will be closed and bandaged. Drain tubes will be inserted.

4.    Breast Reconstruction:

Breast reconstruction is very important for people who went through a mastectomy, either because of cancer or other breast diseases.

How Is It Done?

Breast reconstruction is only possible if the skin of the breast is retained after a mastectomy. Further, two techniques are used for reconstruction:

  • Breast Implants: If you had a partial mastectomy or some of your muscle tissue is retained, breast implants can be used for reconstruction. They can be placed above or under the tissue to give the shape.
  • Flaps: You’ll find this technique in highly professional settings. It is also known as autologous breast reconstruction. Here, your surgeon will extract your own tissues from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks.

It will then be given the shape of the breast and inserted under the skin. Furthermore, all blood vessels will be reconnected to provide blood supply.

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