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Different Types of Liposuction in Pakistan- Which One to Choose?

Often times, the fat in our body does not go away merely with exercise and dieting. This may prompt you to look for other viable effective options to get rid of the body fat. You may come across Liposuction as an easy route to lose the extra pounds of stubborn fat.

Even though liposuction may not be a method to lose weight or get rid of excess skin, but it can effectively tone down the irregularities in your physique caused by fat deposition. Liposuction may be performed solely or in conjunction with other procedures such as Tummy Tucks or Breast augmentation to achieve the desired outcome.

Liposuction started off in France in the 1920 and since then there have been various attempts to make it safer, effective and result oriented. These efforts have resulted in invention of new types of liposuction.

Dr. Arif Hussain may target particular areas of the body such as:

  • Torso
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks and Thigh area
  • Double Chin and Jawline
  • Bra Roll
  • Chest
  • Arm fat
  • Backside
  • Calves

As of today, 6 different types of Liposuction are acknowledged worldwide. Starting from the Traditional to Smart to HD Lipo.

In today’s article, you will learn about all the six different types of Liposuction available in Pakistan to help you better understand which is suitable for you.

The Six Types of Liposuction are as follows:

  1. Suction Assisted Lipectomy (SAL)
  2. Tumescent Liposuction
  3. Laser-Assisted Liposuction (Smart Lipo)
  4. Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (Vaser)
  5. Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)
  6. High Definition HD Liposuction (HDL)

Suction Assisted Lipectomy (SAL)

This is the standard Liposuction which is performed nowadays. In this technique, a cannula is inserted under the skin (subdermal) and a vacuum suction is applied which allows the fat to be broken down and sucked out through the hollow tube. The surgeon applies a to and fro motion to the cannula to separate the fat layers allowing it to be sucked out easily. SAL is normally performed in an outpatient setting and the patient can go back to work after a day or two of rest. Performed by the right surgeon, this technique is highly effective in most cases.

Tumescent Liposuction

Developed in 1985, Tumescent Liposuction is fairly the same as Suction Assisted Lipectomy except for the introduction of anesthetic fluid in the targeted area. This fluid is a mixture of lignocaine and epinephrine and is fairly large in amount giving the area a ‘swelled’ appearance. This fluid minimizes bleeding and allows for a more broader coverage. It also helps to isolate fat compartments which make fat extraction easier. Tumescent Liposuction works excellently when used by an experienced surgeon.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction (SmartLipo)

With the passage of time newer techniques have emerged, one such technique is Laser Assisted Liposuction which uses lasers to heat the fat. The idea behind this method is that lasers hypothetically can melt fat, coagulate blood vessels and allow tightening of the skin. Theoretically this would lead to a safer, less invasive procedure with quick recovery time.

In reality however, Laser-Assisted Liposuction has been proven to be of lesser/ similar efficacy in clinical trials than Suction Assisted Lipectomy. Multiple studies have been conducted comparing the efficiency of SmartLipo versus SAL. The results have shown that SmartLipo is not lesser invasive and has no plausible benefit over traditional SAL.

Some marketing claims may promote SmartLipo as a more advanced and current method of liposuction since it is under local anesthesia which is why it is a safer alternative. However, the truth of the matter is that traditional Liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia as well. Now, since there isn’t much difference between SmartLipo and conventional lipo, you may still be compelled to choose SmartLipo since it has been advertised as a newer technique. However, you must remember that most inexperienced and unskilled surgeons promote this type over the other. If a surgeon is pressing you to opt for laser-assisted liposuction, it’s time to re-evaluate your surgeon since this procedure may even cause thermal injuries or burns adding layers of complexity to the procedure. Nevertheless, under an experienced, qualified surgeon Smartlipo may be a good option.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (Vaser)

This is another latest technique which utilizes ultrasound energy to break fat cells. The procedure requires an incision to be made and an ultrasound device is then inserted in through, this device sends low frequency signals of sound energy which emulsifies the fat. After this a traditional tube is used to suction out the fat. This procedure is most frequently marketed as VASER. Vaser claims to perform liposuction with less bleeding, edema, discoloration and skin tightening. It is also advertised to perform better in terms of fat removal from fibrous areas.

Despite the claims, studies have shown Vaser to be of similar efficiency as compared to traditional Liposuction. On the contrary, the incision scar of Vaser is larger in order to house the device.

Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Power assisted liposuction is used for candidates who have large volumes of fat to be suctioned. The procedure requires a special cannula which rotates and vibrates which helps to break down fat further. This technique reduces the manual effort to be put in by the surgeon. Apart from that the outcome is pretty similar except in selective cases it may assist breaking the fat.

High Definition HD Liposuction (HDL)

High Definition Liposuction is becoming a popular procedure which is more of an abdominal etching procedure to give the appearance of six packs. This technique enhances the rectus muscles of the abdomen and highlights the abs through selective lipo and fat grafting. High Definition Lipo is a surgically intensive procedure and hence requires more recovery time and expenditure. Additionally, the results produced can mimic a shredded physique.

Is the ‘latest’ Liposuction Hype worth it?

When searching for a liposuction procedure, a person may buy into the hype which is instilled through various advertisement and marketing strategies. The liposuction market is bombarded with gimmicks and false promises which seem too good to be true. Each type of liposuction has a subtle difference from the other and may be used depending on the case. Therefore, it is vital that when searching for a liposuction procedure, patients steer clear of gimmicky traps placed by inexperienced surgeons. After all, what matters in the end is the surgeon operating, the machine is simply a tool assisting the surgeon. To know which liposuction type would be best for you to achieve your goal along with total expense, You can have Free Consultation with Dr Arif Hussain by filling up the form below:

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