GYNECOMASTIA is  a condition where there is abnormal enlargement of male breast.

This is a social taboo and very unpleasant for a person to have it.

There are different cause of GYNECOMASTIA ,



Drug induced

The common is physiological which starts at teen age, usually it revert back but if not than can become problem and a person loses his self confidence.  Usually the gynecomastia is bilateral but sometimes it occurs only at one site.

In old days this procedure was performed with big incisions and stitches and even drains pipes are placed, recovery is late and pain full. Now days the procedure is latest and day care.


Procedure is simple weather for unilateral or bilateral gynecomastia.

Small tiny incisions are made below the mammy folds, measuring 1mm in diameter and the suction of the fat is carried out through it. After that for the hard stromal tissue we give small incision at the areola and take the hard tissue out from those tiny incisions.

Post operative care .

Post operative care is simple, after the procedure patient is given a compression garments for at least 4 weeks and can also wear a tight vest under his clothing.

Patient is discharge from the hospital in 2hr and even drive back home if lives near.

He is allowed to do heavy exercise after 4 weeks of times.

Cosmetic surgical procedures have now become very safe and day care giving the best aesthetic results.


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