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Open Rhinoplasty for Cleft Lip Nose

Congenital defects can be very dreadful and can leave a person with a defect for life time. Cleft lip nose is from one of those which gives a person’s a very unpleasant nose. Cleft lip is a common congenital defect in Pakistan which cause a breech in person’s lip and majority of the times associated with a bad nose defect. Nose as you know plays a vital role in any one’s personality and if someone has unpleasant nose it can lose the confidence. I came across a female patient who had a cleft lip repaired but the nose defect was there. After counselling I operated her and gave her confidence back. nose_surgery Procedure:

The whole procedure took me 2 hrs.  After lifting her nose by open Rhinoplasty and creating a binocular vision I brought her lateral cartilage in the mid line which was given a flare and depressed impression. The lady did not have any definition of tip and the dome so I created that by lifting her columella and by pushing it backward. In that way I gave detailing to her front and lateral profile. Open Rhinoplasty is a day care procedure and it does not require any hospital stay, patient can leave after 4 hrs of the procedure. After the surgery you will have swelling for 3 days or so and bandages will be out at third day. One can resume her/his normal work after 4 days. Stitches are out after 5th post operative day leaving no scar. Plastic and cosmetic surgery can change your personality by his art work and by moulding your own crooked structures.

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